Diamanti Transitions to Software Focus With the General Availability of Diamanti Spektra 3.0

Diamanti Spektra 3.0 Simplifies Kubernetes, Solves Challenges for Enterprise Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Environments


SAN JOSE, CA — Sept. 1, 2020 — Diamanti, creators of the best platform for managing Kubernetes at any scale, today announced the general availability of Diamanti SpektraTM 3.0, an enterprise-optimized software platform that enables container-based hybrid clouds. This release represents Diamanti’s transition to a software-focused company solving the challenges enterprises encounter while expanding Kubernetes implementations. 

A recent study sponsored by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) shows that there are an estimated 2.7 million developers using Kubernetes. The challenge for many enterprise users is that legacy architectures start to break down as their Kubernetes environments mature and expand, scalability and reliability benefits diminish, and the environment becomes overly complex. Additionally, current Kubernetes solutions are limited in scope, focusing on simple, stateless applications. 

Diamanti Spektra is a turnkey solution for all enterprise applications. It is the only multi-cloud, multi-cluster Kubernetes platform with a fully-integrated management and data plane. Spektra enables secure multi-tenancy and the migration and replication of stateful applications across clusters. 

Hybrid clouds are becoming standard fare, but enterprises need a way to adopt and expand Kubernetes to a broader set of applications and infrastructure,” said Gopal Sharma, CTO and co-founder, Diamanti. We are excited to share the only Kubernetes management platform that propels enterprises to break from legacy architectures. Diamanti Spektra allows enterprises to quickly and easily implement Kubernetes across their hybrid- and multi-cloud environments with built-in security, high availability, and resilience.”

“In working closely with our customers, we recognized that Kubernetes is a powerful tool, but it’s still too difficult to implement and scale– especially in an enterprise hybrid cloud,” said Tom Barton, CEO of Diamanti. “By shifting our focus to software-driven innovation and our patented acceleration technology, and partnering with leading x86 server companies like Dell Technologies and Lenovo, Diamanti is able to deliver full-stack solutions that solve the tough enterprise challenges around Kubernetes adoption.”

Early Access Program Successes Illustrate Diamanti Capabilities

The general availability release follows a successful early access program, wherein Diamanti worked closely with several companies, including existing Fortune 500 customers, to determine customer requirements for hybrid cloud Kubernetes.

One financial services customer that participated in the early access program runs dozens of  clusters of Kubernetes to support their digital consumer experiences. Currently using the Diamanti platform to power 40 database instances with only one administrator, the customer is looking to further streamline and centralize operations with Spektra 3.0 as Kubernetes adoption grows.  

Another early access participant provides a PaaS-like platform for data science acceleration. The company is interested in delivering their software into isolated tenant environments for downstream customers. Each end-user consumes the service in its own data center or cloud instance. By using Spektra 3.0 to power this arrangement, the company can easily push updates to the software while maintaining complete isolation for each end-user. =

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Diamanti is solving the challenge of container-based hybrid clouds with the best enterprise-optimized platform for managing Kubernetes at any scale. Diamanti’s Kubernetes management platform propels enterprises to break from legacy architectures and rapidly adopt and expand Kubernetes on-premises and in the cloud, with security, high availability, and resilience built-in. Based in San Jose, California, Diamanti is backed by venture investors ClearSky, CRV, Engineering Capital, Goldman Sachs, GSR Ventures, Northgate Capital, Threshold Ventures (formerly DFJ Venture), and Translink Capital. For more information visit www.diamanti.com or follow @DiamantiCom.