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Diamanti is the only solution that allows organizations to reap the benefits of cloud-native deployments without having to slow down to set up and configure their infrastructure. Let Diamanti help you get up and running with Kubernetes quickly and easily.
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Solve every Kubernetes challenge at once

Solve Every Kubernetes Challenge At Once
Running stateful services on Kubernetes is a risky endeavor. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself stuck with stuck volumes, downtime, manual backups and migrations–and no data. However, with a foundation in Kubernetes, the Diamanti cloud-native storage and data management platform delivers in-place data services to modernize mission-critical applications deployed on cloud, on-premises, or hybrid infrastructure. With Diamanti, overcome each of these challenges simultaneously with a complete software stack and management platform for Kubernetes storage, networking, and orchestration.

Designed to address challenges of
cloud-native enterprises

Diamanti provides a simple, automated way to deploy a production-quality Kubernetes cluster that natively integrates with your environment. Production-ready Kubernetes clusters can be set up more quickly with Diamanti than they can by using other tools.
Supporting the most common data service providers, Diamanti ensures your architecture and ecosystem has the full support of a purpose-built solution that is secure, reliable, and high-availability — now and in the future.

Supercharge your use of any Kubernetes implementation

Diamanti’s container-native SQL database lets you supercharge your Kubernetes projects with the proven lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. These benefit enterprises
in several ways:
Supercharge Your Use Of Any Kubernetes Implementation

The combined total cost of ownership for Kubernetes deployments reduces by 70%.

Promises performance with a million IOPS per node.

Hardware footprint is reduced by 80%.

Advanced Platform For Bare-Metal Containers
And Kubernetes

Diamanti offers a platform for bare-metal containers and Kubernetes that is purpose-built for storage and network virtualization; it also works to expand the platform by integrating more with public clouds and by targeting wider use cases.

Build your private cloud

With Kubernetes, customers can have a flexible, standardized and more secure way to deploy their applications across hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Power your databases

Kubernetes provides scheduling, load balancing, logs, storage, and more across your entire database cluster. It's the fastest path to cloud-native databases.

Deploy virtual desktops & apps

Get from idea to deployment in minutes. Eliminate the need to install and update software on laptops, reduce hardware costs, and access your desktop anywhere.

Diamanti helps you get the most out of your cloud-native architecture

Choosing The Right Kubernetes Infrastructure

As your organization moves from virtualization to a containerized environment, you will need an infrastructure that addresses Kubernetes’ unique needs. You should also carefully assess whether you will buy or build your infrastructure to support Kubernetes.

Industry Analyst Report Names Diamanti

GigaOm published a new report on the rapidly maturing Kubernetes storage market, recognizing Diamanti’s end-to-end solution for combining high resilience, performance, and simplicity of use with very good enterprise-grade features.

Accelerate Your Cloud Native Database With Diamanti

Diamanti provides a powerful alternative to old school database environments. It is more powerful and agile, making it better suited for high pressure environments. With Diamanti, you get more power and more agility with ease.

White Paper

White Paper

Build vs. Buy:
Choosing the Right
Kubernetes Infrastructure

Intesa Sanpaolo Fast-Tracks its Digital Transformation with the Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes® Platform

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Diamanti streamlines Kubernetes deployments and data management for global enterprises.

Diamanti’s three main products—Ultima Accelerator, Ultima Enterprise, and Spektra Enterprise—are now customized for ten use cases in particular: Containers as a Service, Database as a Service, Software as a Service, Disaster Recovery, Kubernetes Backup, CI/CD, Big Data and AI/ML, Burst to Cloud, Analytics, 5G telecom, Hybrid Cloud, and Multi-Cluster Management.
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