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Unlock real-time business insights and get greater cost efficiency running Splunk on Diamanti.

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Your Insights Cannot Wait

Enterprises generate terabytes of unstructured data from IT systems, cloud-based workloads and business objects every day. Splunk is a critical enterprise tool for unlocking insights from this data, but it’s only as good as the amount of data it can ingest. This is becoming increasingly challenging as organizations look for ways to scale more cost efficiently.

Discover how the Diamanti platform can optimize your Splunk environment by making it simple to scale, dramatically improving indexing latency for greater data ingestion, all while saving you money.

Splunk Benefits

Key Benefits

Enable Seamless Scalability

Adjust with the changing needs of your business leveraging a Splunk Validated Architecture (SVA) on a Kubernetes-based platform. Scale out consistently using Helm charts. Read more >

Improve Efficiency

Reduce the overall server footprint and related TCO by right-sizing your environment. Diamanti allows you to maximize resource utilization to scale efficiently. Read more >

Turbocharge Performance

Ingest more data and improve overall performance by reducing indexing latency with our patented I/O technology and high-performance NVMe-based storage architecture. Learn more >

Key Solution Advantages

Optimize Your Splunk Environment


Remove extra layers of abstraction and run Splunk on bare-metal, providing a more direct path for data.


Get a certified Kubernetes environment out-of-the-box, complete with container runtime and integrated CNI and CSI plugins.

Splunk Validated Architecture (SVA)

Leverage a validated reference architecture for a highly scalable Splunk environment and quickly deploy with Helm charts.

Reduced Indexing Latency

Dramatically improve performance with Diamanti’s patented I/O acceleration technology and high-performance NVMe storage.


Leverage cloud-native scalability with a container-based architecture, all adherent to Splunk Validated Architectures (SVA).


Get greater efficiency by maximizing CPU utilization, reducing your server footprint and TCO.

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Data-Driven Insights

Discover why the first purpose-built, fully integrated Kubernetes platform is the right fit for Splunk

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Empowering Business

Learn how NBC Universal was able to ingest 24TB of data a day while saving 80% on costs.

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Cost-Efficient Scaling

See how running Splunk on Diamanti helps enterprises achieve a real-time data-to-everything engine.

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