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Easily manage your k8s cluster and application lifecycle on GCP using Spektra – Diamanti’s hybrid cloud management product that simplifies deployment and management of Ultima Enterprise on the Google Cloud Platform.
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Manage Kubernetes, storage, and networking across
hybrid cloud

Many enterprises use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to deploy and manage containerized workloads. Yet, it can be a significant challenge for enterprises to manage Kubernetes instances across on-premises or virtualized and GCP-based Kubernetes clusters — including the networking and storage functionality needed to support applications. Diamanti provides true unified support to easily manage Kubernetes workloads across GCP and bare metal instances. Moreover, with high-performance storage and networking built-in, it has never been easier to supercharge performance, simplify management, and eliminate noisy neighbor problems for your cloud-native applications.

Diamanti Ultima Enterprise on GCP instances

Easily manage Kubernetes distribution with Diamanti Spektra and deliver the guaranteed quality of service (QoS) for storage and networking with the purpose-built container storage interface (CSI) and container networking interface (CNI).
With Diamanti, you get fully integrated storage and networking on a simplified platform. Benefit from features like integrated volume snapshots, backup, disaster recovery, synchronous mirroring, secure volume support, intelligent PV placement across availability zones, and more as you build and scale your containerized applications.

Faster applications, lower cost, and simplified management

Leading organizations use Diamanti to manage Kuberenetes, storage, and networking on GCP. With Diamanti, enterprises can gain:

An average 93% runtime improvement

15x IOPS per instance

88% reduction in TCO

80% reduction in hardware footprint

Unified management and support for GCP and Diamanti

Automate Your Kubernetes Environments On Google Cloud Platform

Diamanti and Google Cloud Platform offer the fastest path to deploying Kubernetes applications at scale. With Diamanti, you can now automate the deployment of a complete end-to-end Kubernetes container platform on Google Compute Engine.
Spektra Modernizes Your Data Denter

Spektra Enterprise is a secure, scalable and multipurpose cloud platform for containerized application management. Spektra simplifies the task of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters and provides DevOps, infrastructure, and application teams with unified tools for containerized workloads. Key Spektra features include application and data mobility, plus advanced data services, infrastructure observability, and control.

Power Your Containers With Simplicity, Speed And Scale

Diamanti enables users to create Kubernetes clusters, deploy applications and migrate applications between GCP or other cluster providers. Users can set up disaster recovery (DR) between GCP clusters, and between on-premises and GCP clusters to improve fault tolerance and eliminate single points of failure.

We make google cloud easy to deploy and manage

Diamanti brings the Google applications and services to enterprises of any size. Software is delivered in a fully-operational appliance to deploy in minutes through a guided setup.

See How These customers power stateful apps on kubernetes using diamanti

The World's Leading Software Container Platform

Containers are revolutionizing the way people build, package, and deploy software. Container as a Service (CaaS) is a cloud-based service that enables software developers and IT departments to upload, configure, run, scale, and manage containers using container-based virtualization.

Rising Wave Of Stateful Container Applications In The Enterprise

Container applications are becoming more common in enterprises, with companies looking to extend the advantages of containerization to more of their teams and applications. This Business Impact Brief from 451 Research explains the appeal of containers amid a sea of traditional virtual machines.

Intesa Sanpaolo Fast-Tracks Digital Transformation With Diamanti

Intesa Sanpaolo, the largest bank in Italy, has implemented the Diamanti platform to deliver cost-effective infrastructure for IT teams, who are responsible for more than 200 applications running on bare metal and virtualization that support all lines of business.

White Paper

Five Reasons to Deploy
Containers on Bare Metal,
Not VMs

Over the past 15 years, server virtualization has become the preferred method of application deployment in the enterprise datacenter. Popular hypervisors, such as VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V, are ubiquitous. Large cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform have followed a similar path. The most common unit of consumption for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a virtual machine (VM).

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Collaborating to help you manage your Kubernetes-based applications more effectively

Diamanti, creator of one of the most popular data management platforms for Kubernetes, announced a partnership with GroundWork, a leading open source monitoring vendor. The partnership will combine Diamanti’s expertise in monitoring Kubernetes with GroundWork’s machine learning and AI capabilities to bring more predictive capabilities to enterprises.
Diamanti Acquires GroundWork Open Source to Enable Kubernetes Monitoring and AI-Driven Predictive Analytics

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