You Do the Math on Kubernetes Costs!
Use our Kubernetes Calculator – we’ll send you a customized report showing exactly how much you can save using a Diamanti Kubernetes solution.

Diamanti Delivers More Performance & Lower Costs

Diamanti does more than just deliver the most complete, intelligent storage platform for Kubernetes. We deliver millions of dollars in cost savings by dramatically lowering the costs of infrastructure, software licensing, cloud storage and more.
Are you relying on AWS? Looking to phase out VMs? Running MySQL, Oracle or other database services? Whether you’re running Kubernetes in the cloud or on-prem, we can save you money — we’re doing it today for companies all over the world.
It’s Easy to Do the Math
With our Kubernetes Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator, all it takes is a few simple inputs to see how much you can save.

How We Save You Money

Lower Software Costs

By requiring fewer CPU cores — up to 50% fewer — you save on databases, hypervisors, and management software.
An average of $400,000 per deployment

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Diamanti uses acceleration technologies to reduce the need for servers, network ports and support systems.
An average of $150,000 per deployment

Lower Cloud Costs

Kubernetes optimized storage and networking capabilities reduce the need for provisioned IOPS and additional storage.
5-year savings of 42-85% vs. the Kubernetes capabilities of a public cloud

Lower Deployment Costs

Our Spektra Enterprise solution for multi-cluster management simplifies administration.
An average of 50% of management and admin costs per deployment
Cost Savings in Action
Watch these videos to see how Diamanti cuts the cost of typical Kubernetes scenarios.
How Diamanti Saved $182K Per Month vs AWS EKS
See How Diamanti Streamlines On Prem IT
3 Examples of Diamanti Optimizing Cloud Storage and Lowering Costs

Get a Customized Savings Report

When you take the Diamanti challenge, we send you a customized report showing how much you will save on instances, storage and software.

We Guarantee the Savings

If you’re transitioning more than 10 nodes of K8s* hosting stateful applications, we guarantee we can reduce your cloud costs. Or we’ll send you a $250 gift card.
* For organizations with at least $50M in revenue. You must be transitioning 10 nodes hosting stateful application(s). Limit 1 Challenge per organization. Email a copy of your report to [email protected]

Independent Test Proves Diamanti is Better Value

The McKnight Group, an independent testing group, ran a MySQL-based application on a Diamanti’s Kubernetes platform and compared it against AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Google Kubernetes Engine (Google GKE).
In all tests, Diamanti had much greater query throughput and was always more cost effective.

Run on these Kubernetes Environments

Savings are Just the Start

Once you’ve used our cloud calculator, learn more about how Diamanti streamlines enterprise-scale Kubernetes deployments by talking to one of our Kubernetes experts.