Containers as a Service

Easily run your data-intensive applications on Kubernetes 

The Challenge

You are architecting a Kubernetes-based Container as a Service (CaaS) platform to enable your developers to build and update enterprise applications faster. But most apps can’t run on Kubernetes alone because Kubernetes requires a container-native storage and data management solution to address barriers preventing wider Kubernetes adoption : Persistent Storage, Automated Operations, Data Mobility, Backup and Disaster Recovery, and Data Security.

Many Apps

Each data service has its own operational practices, but hiring specialists or buying support agreements for each is prohibitively expensive.

Many Environments

Containers solve the infrastructure differences between clouds and on-prem data centers for compute, but don't address the challenges of running stateful apps in different environments.

Uncontrolled Self-service

Developers want self-service, but you can't risk giving up control of corporate policies like security, data retention, backups, and more.

The Diamanti Solution

The Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform provides a turnkey solution for deploying modern, cloud native containerized databases and associated applications. With its bare-metal architecture, guaranteed QoS, and PCIe-level isolation for storage and networking, the Diamanti platform provides guaranteed optimal performance for DBaaS environments.

Superior Performance

Diamanti platform delivers tremendous storage performance in a small footprint with 1 million IOPS per node and latencies below 1 millisecond for database workloads. ​

Meet Your SLAs with Guaranteed QoS

With customizable performance tiers, a Diamanti platform administrator can specify storage and network bandwidth for each database instance.

High Availability and Multi-Zone Deployments

Diamanti multi-zone clusters allow Kubernetes nodes to be distributed across different availability zones (failure domains), ensuring applications can achieve.

Recovery Point

Objective/Recovery Time Objective (RPO/RTO) of zero Storage-Level Mirroring, Snapshots, Replication.

Backup and Failover

Diamanti's unique storage and network architecture ensures databases are highly available with quick and easy migration across zones, providing an RPO/RTO of zero.

Data Security

Enhance security, availability, and scalability to bring production-ready enterprise applications to Kubernetes.

Run Every Stateful Application On The Same CaaS Platform

Diamanti Ultima provides a unified data plane for your CaaS platform — providing container-native storage and data management infrastructure in order to support and deploy enterprise-scale applications. Diamanti enables persistent storage, automated operations, data mobility, backup and disaster recovery, and data security. Moreover, built-in bring your own key (BYOK) encryption and role-based user access controls protect mission-critical data and sensitive apps running in different environments. 

Diamanti works with every major Kubernetes platform. 

Supporting the most common data service providers, Diamanti ensures your architecture and partner ecosystem has the full support of a purpose-built solution that is secure, reliable, and highly available. 

Containers as a Service

Manage multiple apps and infrastructure deployments from one turnkey, Kubernetes-based CaaS environment.

Containers as a Service (CaaS) platforms provide the infrastructure layer that your developers need to build and deploy applications efficiently. While Kubernetes solves a part of this problem, however, CaaS platforms also need enterprise-ready container-native storage solutions to handle persistent storage, high availability, disaster recovery, and app mobility.
Proven Results In Leading Enterprise Production Environments

Proven Results For Container-Native Infrastructure

Enterprises using Diamanti have been able to supercharge their application performance and data services, while dramatically reducing both costs and the size of their data center footprint. Customers have been able to: 

  • Reduce TCO for Kubernetes deployments by 70% 
  • Achieve guaranteed performance with >1M IOPs per node
  • Shrink their hardware footprint by 80%

Data Services

Run popular data management and processing services on Kubernetes

Container Applications In The Enterprise

Driven primarily by technology advancements and enterprise demand, a new wave of stateful container applications is building in the enterprise. No longer are container applications limited to primarily web and stateless applications, which represent the first wave of container software. Learn more about the Rising Wave of Stateful Container Applications in the Enterprise, in this research report.
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