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Transform the World of Computer and Electronics Through Cloud-native Applications

Diamanti’s cloud-native principles accelerate application development and deployment for the computer and electronics industries. Reduce product, organizational, and process complexities with Kubernetes.

Computer and Electronics Services Overview

Trust the Innovative Hybrid-cloud Technology for Enhanced Development

The computer and electronics industries are entering a new era of digital transformation driven by the urgent need for electronic systems companies to overcome design challenges —product, organizational, and process complexity.

The computer and electronics product manufacturers need to improve operations and change the way they design, manufacture, supply products, and provide post-sale services to customers. Digitalization not only streamlines processes but also saves money and time in producing and selling computer and electronic products. For the computer and electronics sector it is important to always stay one step ahead of the rest.

Today’s computer and electronics sector is facing major hurdles. As consumer demand for innovative technologies continues to rise, manufacturers are navigating evolutions in their industry, grappling with economic instability
Diamanti emerges as an “outperformer” in the latest edition of GigaOm’s Radar Report for Cloud-Native Kubernetes Data Storage.
Diamanti enables you to store and access massive amounts of data from containerized applications on an open platform that’s easy to use.
Enterprises can now achieve safer, more efficient performance on Kubernetes nodes. That’s thanks to the upgraded Ultima Accelerator, which offers improved security, performance, and scalability, Diamanti announced today.

Benefit from Kubernetes Multi-cloud Environment

Product complexity and high customer expectations

Understanding the product is extremely crucial because it affects the application development and deployment processes. Customers have high expectations from the industries, and there is heavy competition in this industry.

Organizational complexity

Develop and deploy customer-friendly data which is easy to understand. Removal of organizational complexities and managing large teams and distributed groups play a significant role in business growth.

Meet functionality and software designs

There is a need for designs to meet functionality and software that works properly. A proper IT infrastructure is essential to accelerate application development and deployment.

Meet strict guidelines for different environments

Meeting strict guidelines for intended operating environments enhances security and keeps track of data/information on different clusters. Data protection and disaster recovery features must be available for a smooth workflow.

Access Diamanti’s Secure, Reliable, and Flexible Digital Solutions

Simplify deployment of the stateful applications on Kubernetes

Deploy stateful applications effortlessly through Kubernetes, which provides a single comprehensive platform for application development and deployment. Diamanti delivers unmatched resource utilization—up to 95% across the entire cluster.

Unified Kubernetes management platform for hybrid & multi-cloud

The centralized Kubernetes management is available across multiple clusters and hybrid clouds for managing the failover stateless and stateful applications—at times pushing as many as 1,000,000 IOPS (4K), which is 5x more than the nearest competitor.

Securely run and monitor Kubernetes applications anywhere and anytime

Diamanti removes the complexity and the operational and security challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters, making them easily accessible. Moreover, when the data volume was tripled, the average latency only went up 13%.

Achieve the highest storage and networking performance with the lowest TCO

The computer and electronic industries require efficiency and a low total cost of ownership, and Diamanti deploys applications on Kubernetes and reduces TCO for Kubernetes deployments by 70%.


Improve the Industry’s Business Environment with Kubernetes

Simple and user-friendly software

Centralized Kubernetes management is available across multiple clusters and hybrid clouds. The Kubernetes product is easy to deploy, manage, and migrate for failover stateless and stateful applications.

Modern data management systems

Kubernetes allows computer and electronics industries to access and work on multiple clusters with instant data availability for the entire infrastructure and cloud services.

Multiple platform accessibility

The Kubernetes platform seamlessly manages communications traffic for both enterprises and service providers, enabling companies to overcome data management and network optimization challenges.

Enhances security to protect data at all times

Kubernetes provides network segmentation, encryption of data at rest and in transit, isolation of storage and network traffic, network policies, container lifecycle security, and user management.
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Enabling data availability, data security, backup, and disaster recovery for Kubernetes-based applications running on-prem or across clouds, Diamanti has helped enterprises across verticals to run containerized data services in production.

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