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Travel and Tourism

Technology is reshaping the travel and tourism experience from Virtual tours, contactless amenities, augmented reality, and robotic airports. Enhance productivity and innovation in an increasingly competitive global marketplace with Diamanti Kubernetes platform.

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Travel and Tourism

Easily deploy and manage Kubernetes across hybrid-cloud with total data security. Diamanti’s innovative infrastructure helps accelerate digital transformation for the travel and tourism industry.

Travel and Tourism Overview

Build a Powerful Future for the Travel Industry

The travel and tourism industries have completely transformed since the pandemic hit the world. People prefer organizations that follow Covid protocols, manage data online and provide online bookings and services. The tourism companies were not ready for this change due to the old IT infrastructures. Other concerns that affect the tourism industry are climate concerns, urbanization, evolving consumer interests, transparent and secure online identification and payment systems, and technological advancements.

Diamanti makes it easy to manage containerized applications across hybrid-cloud.

With GroundWork’s technology can unlock with Kubernetes, enabling finance, tech, travel, and utilities companies, among others, to greatly scale monitoring of data in real-time with relatively minimal costs.
The digital revolution has seen more and more companies move to a public cloud —like AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google — to save time and money while simultaneously boosting performance.
Businesses hoping to succeed in the rapidly evolving market must be prepared to integrate their operations with cutting-edge technology designed to adapt to the trends and developing standards of the digital landscape.
Disasters that impact workloads and their critical data are not always natural. Unintentional or intentional errors introduced by humans can also contribute to disrupting businesses for a few hours to days.

Tourism Sector’s Unique Digital Necessities

Multichannel operations management

Simplify supply chain management by keeping track of different management platforms at once. The travel sector requires a unified management system to control multiple platforms simultaneously.

Client service and customized experiences

Develop and deploy customer-friendly data with customized experiences. People have high expectations from the travel sector. They choose organizations which can provide personalized experiences.

Transparent and secure online identification

Protect the data and applications from malware attacks and frauds, and exceed customer expectations. Online payment portals and identification systems are prone to attacks, and the databases need enhanced protection.

Changing customer interests

Customer interests are changing with the incoming digital transformation. People now prefer online databases and management systems for storing and accessing data/information.

Diamanti Accelerates Application Development and Deployment

Simplify deployment of the stateful applications on Kubernetes

Deploy stateful applications effortlessly through Kubernetes, which provides a single comprehensive platform for application development and deployment. Diamanti delivers unmatched resource utilization—up to 95% across the entire cluster.

Unified Kubernetes management platform for hybrid & multi-cloud

The centralized Kubernetes management is available across multiple clusters and hybrid clouds for managing the failover stateless and stateful applications—at times pushing as many as 1,000,000 IOPS (4K), which is 5x more than the nearest competitor.

Securely run and monitor Kubernetes applications anywhere and anytime

Diamanti removes the complexity and the operational and security challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters, making them easily accessible. Moreover, when the data volume was tripled, the average latency only went up 13%.

Achieve the highest storage and networking performance with the lowest TCO

The travel and tourism industries require efficiency and a low total cost of ownership and Diamanti deploys applications on Kubernetes and reduces TCO for Kubernetes deployments by 70%.


Digital Solutions that Transform the Travel Business Environment


Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes platform provides a turnkey solution for deploying modern, cloud-native containerized databases and associated applications.

Multi-cluster management

Kubernetes allows the travel industries to access and work on multiple clusters with instant data availability for the entire infrastructure and cloud services.

Multiple platform distribution

The Kubernetes platform seamlessly manages communications traffic for both enterprises and service providers, enabling travel companies to overcome data management and network optimization challenges.

Enhanced security and reliability

Kubernetes provides network segmentation, encryption of data at rest and in transit, isolation of storage and network traffic, network policies, container lifecycle security, and user management.
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Ultima Accelerator

Explore Diamanti ultimate accelerator

Diamanti, a pioneer in intelligence storage and networking for Kubernetes offers an ultima accelerator. The Diamanti ultimate accelerator enables screamingly fast storage and networking performance for on-premises workloads at scale customers who opt for Ultimate accelerators see transformative improvements and provide 10 to 30 times performance.

Get started With Kubernetes On Diamanti Today

The complexity of multi-cloud container management gets in the way of your business. That’s why we created Diamanti. Get started with Kubernetes on Diamanti today and see what Kubernetes can do, unconstrained by managing it yourself.