Spur MicrosoftSQL Performance to New Heights with Diamanti

McKnight Consulting Group comapred performance between Diamanti, AWS EKS, and AKS. The study revealed that Diamanti is 10x less expensive and 4x faster while running MicrosoftSQL.

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Microsoft Sql Server

What is SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. Microsoft SQL has long been popular with enterprises, as organizations strive to optimize transactional performance and generate more real-time insights from their data. Moreover, with the inclusion of SQL Server on Linux containers and the rising popularity of Kubernetes, IT teams can more quickly and easily provision applications. However, SQL Server applications demand much greater I/O than standard applications and are more sensitive to latency variations — and enterprise teams need to make sure their infrastructure is not a bottleneck.

With Diamanti, you can easily deploy, manage and scale Microsoft SQL, while decreasing your hardware footprint and supercharging your performance.

Deploy scalable and lightning-quick SQL Server

Enterprise application developers and IT architects need a database system that can handle the massive volume and complexity of data generated by containerized applications. With Diamanti, you can deliver a scalable, highly performant and production-grade database solution on bare-metal Kubernetes infrastructure.

Delivering over 1M IOPS per node, Diamanti lets developers supercharge their database with an industry-leading quality of service, while granting the operational simplicity and ease of use of the only comprehensive end-to-end platform.

Microsoft Sql Server
Microsoft Sql Server

Proven performance with Diamanti + Microsoft SQL

Enterprises trust Diamanti to supercharge any SQL Server database project. Using Diamanti, enterprises running data tiers like Microsoft SQL have been able to:
  • Supercharge performance by 12x with 1M IOPS per node
  • Lower TCO by 13x
  • Reduce hardware footprint by 12x
  • Achieve deterministic I/O latency of 200 microseconds on max load





Lower TCO by 13x



Reduce hardware footprint by 12x



Achieve deterministic I/O latency of 200 microseconds on max load

Expert's Guide To Running Microsoft SQL Server
On Kubernetes

Discover The Potential Of Microsoft Sql Server

You can run SQL Server on Diamanti at four times the speed and ten times the price of other comparable systems.

The Most Scalable Database In The World

Diamanti's database instances can handle more than a million IOPS while running databases, a feat that also improves scalability and security.

Pioneering Storage For I/o Intensive Apps

The Diamanti storage system exhibits near zero input/output (I/O) wait time. As a result, this eliminates any I/O bottleneck when running I/O-intensive applications.

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About Diamanti

Diamanti’s founders were ahead of the industry in recognizing the shift to cloud-native applications. Before Google donated Kubernetes to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in 2015, Diamanti was well on its way to building the best platform for managing Kubernetes data at any scale. In fact, it was Diamanti that contributed the FlexVolume plugin and Kubernetes storage and neywork scheduler extensions to the open-source community in 2016.

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Intelligent to the core, this next-generation database platform makes app dev easy, reduces costs and delivers industry-leading performance.