Slash Database Costs. Transition from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

Benefit from advanced features and high performance while cutting costs by transitioning to cloud-native Postgres with Diamanti.

The Challenge

Many organizations today are modernizing their IT infrastructures to support the next generation of online, transactional applications. This typically involves the use of microservices and Kubernetes containers that are far more lightweight and agile than traditional IT solutions such as virtual machines.
However, piecing together Kubernetes with an underlying relational database in a solution designed to deliver reliable, scalable performance-without draining your budget-can be a challenge. That’s why Diamanti is delivering a fully supported Kubernetes-native database solution based on Postgres.

Many Apps

Each data service has its own operational practices, but hiring specialists or buying support agreements for each is prohibitively expensive.

Many Environments

Containers solve the infrastructure differences between clouds and on-prem data centers for compute, but don't address the challenges of running stateful apps in different environments.

Uncontrolled Self-service

Developers want self-service, but you can't risk giving up control of corporate policies like security, data retention, backups, and more.

Why PostgreSQL

With its more than 35-year history, Postgres is the most advanced, open-source relational database available today. Through its unique ability to deliver the performance and functionality of a commercial database such as Oracle, but at a far lower cost, Postgres has become the open-source relational database of choice for many people and organizations.

Scalability &

Kubernetes-native Postgres scales better using modern orchestration technologies, delivers guaranteed service levels and benefits from a large community that continuously enhances its functionality.

Reduced Costs

Because it is open source, Postgres delivers a much better total cost of ownership (TCO)-eliminating the licensing costs that can run almost a million dollars a year for production deployments.

No More Vendor

Traditional database management providers such as Oracle are all about locking you into their licensing structures and add-ons, making it a challenge to look at alternative options. Because Postgres is open source, you can easily move data and applications taking advantage of different vendors or deployment environments based on business needs.

Why Postgres with Diamanti
A Turn-key Solution

Diamanti’s Postgres Managed Service bundles Diamanti’s high performance Ultima Accelerator Kubernetes appliance (implemented on Dell, Lenovo or other OEM server options) with a fully supported Postgres solution.

Compute, storage and networking infrastructure are all included as well as the latest Kubernetes distribution and a monitoring and management console designed for large, multi-cluster implementations. Through the use of innovative acceleration and off-loading technologies, the Diamanti solution makes it possible to meet guaranteed SLAs while significantly reducing data center footprint.

Proven Savings

By eliminating Oracle's expensive licensing and reducing infrastructure footprint while supporting a low-cost database migration to a modern, cloud-native infrastructure, Diamanti has a proven track record of delivering sustained ROl year over year. This example shows Diamanti delivering savings of 80% when transitioning from Oracle on IBM AIX.

Designed for Performance

With its offload technology, the Diamanti solution is the only database optimized Kubernetes platform that meets the stringent performance and high availability SLAs required in enterprise environments.
Using the turn-key Postgres solution from Diamanti, enterprises have been able to:
  • Achieve >200K transactions per second (TPS), per node
  • Deliver > 1M IOPS per node
  • Reduce latency by 80% to <1ms
  • Increase capacity 5x - from 9M to 45M user records

Data Protection and Security

As organizations rely more and more on their online presence, unplanned moments of costly downtime are exactly what you want to avoid.
Diamantis Postgres Managed Service is designed for reliability and security. Its advanced data services include:
  • Mirroring and async-replication for DR
  • Comprehensive data backup and restore capabilities
  • Ransomware protection with backups
  • Role-based access control
  • Full data encryption
  • CIP/PEN and NERC certifications

Enterprise Grade Support & Services

By taking advantage of a fully managed service, any organization can gain all the benefits of Kubernetes and Postgres faster, more easily and without tying up expensive in-house resources. Support and services for installation, migration, upgrades, performance tuning and other Day-2 operations help ensure the transition is faster, smoother and provides an ongoing contribution to the business goals of today’s enterprises.

Get Started Today

Now is the time to get enterprise grade performance, scalability, availability, and security in a complete, open-source Postgres database solution designed for today’s resource demanding transactional applications- all while realizing over 80% savings on your investment.
Build faster, run simpler and spend far less with Diamanti’s Postgres Managed Service.