Unified Kubernetes solution for Azure, AKS, and bare metal

Built for Microsoft Azure, Diamanti’s platform lets you build highly scalable, secure and cost-optimized modern data protection solutions.
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Easily manage Kubernetes, storage, and networking across hybrid cloud

Many enterprises use Microsoft Azure and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to deploy and manage containerized workloads. Yet, it can be a significant challenge for enterprises to manage Kubernetes instances across on-premises or virtualized and Azure-based Kubernetes clusters — including the networking and storage functionality needed to support applications. Diamanti provides true unified support to easily manage Kubernetes workloads across Azure and bare metal instances. Moreover, with high-performance storage and networking built-in, it has never been easier to supercharge performance, simplify management, and eliminate noisy neighbor problems for your cloud-native applications.

Full-stack Kubernetes support for Azure and Diamanti

With Diamanti, easily manage every cloud-based, virtualized, and on-premises Kubernetes distribution with Diamanti Spektra. Or, manage them natively with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) — and deliver guaranteed quality of service (QoS) for storage and networking with the purpose-built Diamanti container storage interface (CSI) and container networking interface (CNI).
With Diamanti, you get fully integrated storage and networking on a simplified platform. Benefit from features like integrated volume snapshots, backup, disaster recovery, synchronous mirroring, secure volume support, intelligent PV placement across availability zones, and more as you build and scale your containerized applications.

Faster applications, lower cost, and simplified management

Leading organizations use Diamanti to manage Kuberenetes, storage, and networking on Azure. With Diamanti, enterprises can gain:

An average 93% runtime improvement

15x IOPS per instance

88% reduction in TCO

80% reduction in hardware footprint

Unified management and support for Azure and Diamanti

Data Protection For Azure

Diamanti helps you avoid pitfalls of legacy cloud applications by enabling you to protect and access data that lives in the cloud.
Seamless enterprise-level Cloud Experience

Azure and Diamanti provide an enterprise-level cloud experience, allowing businesses to seamlessly combine the strength of their on-premise hardware, software and services with Azure's cloud solutions.

Data Protection For The Modern Data Center

Imagine a data protection solution that delivers business continuity and simplifies DR, backup, provisioning, and recovery. There is no need to spend weeks or months planning and deploying the infrastructure if your organization needs to recover from a disaster.

Performance You Want, When You Want It

Get the performance you want, when and where you want it. Diamanti delivers up to 93% improvement in runtimes over legacy storage systems.

Diamanti helps you get the most out of your cloud-native architecture

Choosing The Right Kubernetes Infrastructure

As your organization moves from virtualization to a containerized environment, you will need an infrastructure that addresses Kubernetes’ unique needs. You should also carefully assess whether you will buy or build your infrastructure to support Kubernetes.

Industry Analyst Report Names Diamanti

GigaOm published a new report on the rapidly maturing Kubernetes storage market, recognizing Diamanti’s end-to-end solution for combining high resilience, performance, and simplicity of use with very good enterprise-grade features.

Accelerate Your Cloud Native Database With Diamanti

Diamanti provides a powerful alternative to old school database environments. It is more powerful and agile, making it better suited for high pressure environments. With Diamanti, you get more power and more agility with ease.

White Paper

Eliminate High Public Cloud
Costs with Diamanti

If your AWS bill is giving you heartburn on a monthly basis, it’s time to take a closer look at what’s driving those costs. For many enterprises who have a hybrid cloud strategy, the answer may be moving those workloads to Diamanti. This white paper outlines some of the reasons your cloud bills can skyrocket and how Diamanti can relieve you from those costs with our unique architecture.

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Diamanti streamlines Kubernetes deployments and data management for global enterprises.

Diamanti’s three main products—Ultima Accelerator, Ultima Enterprise, and Spektra Enterprise—are now customized for ten use cases in particular: Containers as a Service, Database as a Service, Software as a Service, Disaster Recovery, Kubernetes Backup, CI/CD, Big Data and AI/ML, Burst to Cloud, Analytics, 5G telecom, Hybrid Cloud, and Multi-Cluster Management.
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