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Ultima Enterprise & Ultima Accelerator

Ultima Enterprise is the storage and networking platform trusted in production by the world’s largest enterprises. With a container-optimized storage layer with integrated data services, advanced CNI and CSI plugins, thin provisioning and data footprint optimizations, Ultima Enterprise provides a scalable, secure, high-performance solution that runs anywhere. With Ultima Accelerator, supercharge bare metal performance by 10-30x with hardware I/O offload cards to deliver industry-leading QoS.

Ultima Enterprise

Integrated storage + networking for cloud, VMs and on-premises

Ultima Accelerator

Supercharged bare metal performance with hardware I/O offload


Turn-key kubernetes appliance
Yes (software appliance)
Yes (hardware appliance with I/O acceleration)
Storage & Network offloads​
Storage-mirroring and container-data network separation
Separation of control-plane from data-plane​
Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) support​
RBAC support with LDAP/AD integration​
GPU SKUs with Kubeflow support​
(Baremetal with GPU)
OEM partners : Dell, Lenovo, HPE, Intel​
Air-gapped environment
K8S Distributions
Diamanti Enterprise k8s, Tanzu
Diamanti Enterprise k8s, RedHat OpenShift
One-Click Upgrades
Supported on VMs, Bare-metal, GCP, AWS​


Synchronous mirroring across nodes​​
Volume granular guaranteed SLAs
Snapshots, backup​
Secure volume​
Async Replication/DR across clusters​
Fire-drill support
Intelligent PV placement across availability zones


Overlay CNI with VxLAN based encapsulation
Interface granular guaranteed SLAs​
Interface granular max bandwidth limits
L2 CNI with Subnet & VLAN based segmentation​
Dynamic & Static IP address management​
Per-Pod multi-endpoint support​


Support for Windows and Linux VMs​

Spektra Enterprise

Spektra Enterprise is the complete cloud-native software stack for deploying and managing containerized applications. Diamanti Spektra includes full distributions of Kubernetes, application lifecycle management, and user and project management and collaboration, and much more making it simple and easy to run Kubernetes everywhere, at any scale — from the data center, to the cloud, to the edge.

Spektra Enterprise

Simplified, end-to-end Kubernetes management, for any environment and scale.

Management Plane

Centralized Management Console
Cluster Management
Real-time Monitoring Across Multiple Clusters
Complete Application Lifecycle Management
Multi-Tenancy Management
User Management and Access Controls
Resource Management

Data Plane

Distributed Storage Layer
Cloud-Native Storage
Plug-and-Play Networking
Mulit-Zone Clustering
Enterprise-Class Data Management
High Availability and Instant Failover
Data-at-Rest Encryption
AI/MI Integration