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Accelerate your application development by deploying MongoDB on Kubernetes with Diamanti. It's easy to set up, highly scalable, and directly integrates with any platform to give you more power and flexibility anywhere.

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What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is an open source, cross-platform, document-oriented database designed for database administrators. It enables users to store data in JSON collections of individual documents, provision, scale and manage multi-node clusters, create globally distributed clusters, back up data, vis security best practices, and more.

With Diamanti, you can easily deploy and manage any MongoDB instance, while decreasing your hardware footprint and supercharging your performance.

Deploy scalable and blazing-fast noSQL databases on kubernetes.

Enterprise application developers and IT architects need a database system that can handle the massive volume and complexity of data generated by containerized applications. With Diamanti, you can deliver a scalable, highly performance and production-grade NoSQL database solution on bare-metal Kubetnetes infrastructure. 

Delivering over 1M IOPs per node, Diamanti lets developers supercharge their database with an industry-leading quality of service, while granting the operational simplicity and ease of use of the only comprehensive end-to-end platform.

Mongo DB

Proven Performance With Diamanti + Mongodb

Enterprises trust Diamanti to supercharge any database project. Leveraging Diamanti + MongoDB, one enterprise was able to:
  • Reduce latency by 75%
  • Boost IOPS performance 3x
  • Reduce hardware footprint by 80% — from 15 servers to 3
  • Increase capacity 5x — from 9M to 45M user records



Reduce latency by 75%



Boost IOPS performance 3x



Reduce hardware footprint by 80% – from 15 servers to 3



Increase capacity 5x – from 9M to 45M user records

Expert's Guide To Running MongoDB On Kubernetes

Work With Data Efficiently

Analyze Big Data in a natural, intuitive way and Get great performance without a lot of work. Automatically adapt and make changes quickly and support a wide variety of data and queries.

Intelligently Put Data Where You Need It

Deliver globally resilient apps by replicating and self-healing recovery and run operational and analytical workloads in the same cluster and place data on specific devices.

Freedom To Run Anywhere

With a database that runs the same everywhere, you can take advantage of a multi-cloud strategy without having to worry about lock-in. We have services available in 50+ regions.

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About Diamanti

Diamanti’s founders were ahead of the industry in recognizing the shift to cloud-native applications. Before Google donated Kubernetes to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in 2015, Diamanti was well on its way to building the best platform for managing Kubernetes data at any scale. In fact, it was Diamanti that contributed the FlexVolume plugin and Kubernetes storage and neywork scheduler extensions to the open-source community in 2016.

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