Expand Cassandra’s Capabilities On Kubernetes

Adapting to Cassandra on Kubernetes makes sure your data is always available. Diamanti is providing stability, reliability, and flexibility for Cassandra to do its jobs well.
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What is Cassandra?

Cassandra is an open-source, distributed, NoSQL database that is used by leading organizations for its scalability and high availability. Features like linear scalability, fault tolerance and masterless architecture make Cassandra a popular choice as a NoSQL database to support even the largest enterprise applications.

With Diamanti, you can easily deploy and manage any Cassandra instance, while decreasing your hardware footprint and supercharging your performance.

Deploy scalable and lightning-quick Cassandra instances.

Enterprise application developers and IT architects need a database system that can handle the massive volume and complexity of data generated by containerized applications. With Diamanti, you can deliver a scalable, highly performant and production-grade database solution on bare-metal Kubernetes infrastructure.

 Delivering over 1M IOPS per node, Diamanti lets developers supercharge their database with an industry-leading quality of service, while granting the operational simplicity and ease of use of the only comprehensive end-to-end platform.


Leading performance with Diamanti + Cassandra

Enterprises trust Diamanti to supercharge any NoSQL database project. Using Diamanti, enterprises running data tiers like Cassandra have been able to:
  • Reduce latency by 75%
  • Boost IOPS performance by 3x
  • Reduce hardware footprint by 80% 
  • Increase capacity by 5x



Reduce latency by 75%



Boost IOPS performance by 3x



Reduce hardware footprint by 80%



Increase capacity by 5x

Diamanti's Guide To Running Cassandra On Kubernetes

Get More Out Of Your Data With Cassandra

Get More Out Of Your Data With Cassandra

Scaling your business so that it runs smoothly during major traffic periods is important to ensure customer satisfaction.

Big Data

Big Data Without The Big Headache

Peer-to-peer architecture and data replication capabilities allow applications never to slow down or fail when nodes are offline.

Experince Speed & Scalability

Experience Speed And Scalability Of Cassandra In The Cloud

Cassandra on Kubernetes delivers performance and scalability by using the Kubernetes service abstraction. Cassandra offers support for read-performance intensive workloads.

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About Diamanti

Diamanti’s founders were ahead of the industry in recognizing the shift to cloud-native applications. Before Google donated Kubernetes to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in 2015, Diamanti was well on its way to building the best platform for managing Kubernetes data at any scale. In fact, it was Diamanti that contributed the FlexVolume plugin and Kubernetes storage and neywork scheduler extensions to the open-source community in 2016.

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