Brand Guidelines (also commonly referred to as “brand standards”, “style guide” or “brand book”) are essentially a set of rules that explain how our brand works.

Just as it is illegal for someone to use your signature, it is inappropriate for anyone to use or repurpose an organization’s corporate logos or brand identity in any manner that has not been approved.

If you have any questions on these guidelines, or plan to brand a promotional item using the Diamanti logo, please contact Corporate Marketing.

Brand Identity

Logo and Templates

The Diamanti logo is the most visible and recognizable expression of our brand. This word mark is the constant that represents in every communication. It effectively links all Diamanti products and services.

Our corporate logo is kiwi green PMS 375 (Pantone Matching System) and contrast colors are cerulean blue, charcoal, and tangerine.

The logo may be produced as a blind emboss/deboss, embroidered, engraved, or foil-stamped in white, silver or clear.

For logo positioning on a colored background, the value of the background determines if the logo should appear in black or white.

  • Use the brand mark as provided
    • green logo for white or light backgrounds
    • white logo for black or dark backgrounds

The logo may be used on photography, but it must be placed in an area of high contrast to the background. For maximum visibility, set the logo in the clearest area of the photograph.

  • Treat the logo as one individual unit—never divide it. (The exception would be a pre-approved use of the Diamanti Diamond for a special marketing instance, such as branded socks or laptop stickers.)
  • It is an image, not a word. Do not use it in a sentence, headline, or title.
  • Do not distort, apply gradients to, or change the color of the logo.


Logo kit :

Power point presentations : Nov 2019 New Brand PPT Regular and Nov 2019 New Brand PPT Confidential

PPT Templates (potx files) to save as default onto your computer are on marketing shared drive as not allowed by wordpress to be uploaded here.

Previous google slide template: 2019-Diamanti-GS-Template (needs update to match new PPTs)


Brand Identity

Color Palette

Hex: #93d500
RGB: 147 213 0
CMYK: 47 0 100 0


Hex: #2492C3
RGB: 36 146 195
CMYK: 78 29 9 0

Hex: #4d4d4d
RGB: 77 77 77
CMYK: 65 58 57 37

Hex: #F15A24
RGB: 241 90 36
CMYK: 0 80 97 0

Brand Identity


Diamanti uses Libre Franklin as the main typeface and Trasandina Light for headlines. To maintain a consistent hierarchy, use the following guidelines.

Main headline (H1)

Body copy 18pt / Leading 27pt

Secondary headline (H2)

Body copy 14pt / Leading 14pt

Tertiary headline (H3)

Body copy 12pt / Leading 14pt

Body copy

Body copy 9pt / Leading 14pt

Bullets (for print)

Zapf Dingbats (n) – 7pt/14pt



The typefaces can be downloaded here:


Libre Franklin

Learn More

For more information, please email [email protected].