The only purpose-built converged infrastructure for containers


Turnkey container platform, no customization

Run existing Docker images with standard open-source orchestration to easily migrate containers to Diamanti when economical performance matters.


Deploy high-performance containers in seconds

Diamanti provides guaranteed container performance with network isolation and low-latency Virtualized NVMe storage.


Slash container infrastructure costs by 80%

Diamanti guarantees high system utilization, making high-cost, over-provisioning a thing of the past.

“Developers everywhere are adopting containers to more rapidly get their
applications from concept to production. Kubernetes was created to help
organizations bring applications to production and run distributed systems
at scale. We are excited to have Diamanti add their expertise in networking
and storage to the Kubernetes community, and help make deploying, scaling,
and managing distributed applications available to organizations of all sizes.”

David Aronchick
Senior Product Manager, Kubernetes

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