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Diamanti Ultima

Kubernetes data plane software

Container-native networking and storage for hybrid clouds

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Highest performing and low latency Kubernetes data plane and hybrid cloud management plane

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Container-aware networking and storage data plane
Multi-cluster, multi-cloud Kubernetes management plane
A full-stack bare metal HCI to scale production-grade Kubernetes

diamanti ultima™ data plane

Diamanti Ultima is the world’s highest performing Kubernetes storage and networking platform (think NSX and vSAN for Kubernetes). Ultima dataplane virtualizes Kubernetes storage and networking with full CSI and CNI implementation.

  • Runs on-premises or in the cloud
  • Cloud-native distributed storage with advanced data services including volume snapshots, backup, and disaster recovery
  • 10-100x better performance than competing storage-only solutions like Portworx

diamanti spektra™ management plane

Diamanti Spektra is a global Kubernetes management platform for Hybrid Clouds. Diamanti Spektra propels enterprises to break from legacy architecture and rapidly adopt and expand Kubernetes on-premises and in the Cloud.

  • Runs on-premises or in the cloud
  • Secure multi-tenancy with improved isolation, resource management and access controls
  • Seamless application deployment, management and migration across multi-cluster and multi-cloud environments


Rapidly adopt and expand Kubernetes on-premises and in the cloud

Hybrid Cloud Kubernetes

Centrally manage Kubernetes clusters across public clouds and on-premises

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Application Freedom Across Clouds

The most advanced Kubernetes platform for stateful applications

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Future-Proof for the Enterprise

Solving tomorrow’s challenges so you can ship applications with confidence today

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Supercharged Performance

Get 30x greater performance on your data-intensive applications

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Improving outcomes in the enterprise

Leading enterprises power their businesses with Diamanti

Partnering with leading technology companies

Red Hat OpenShift

Get OpenShift up and running quickly while maximizing the performance of your containerized applications.

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Dell Technologies / Lenovo

Get turnkey solutions that combine leading Kubernetes software with leading x86 observer hardware.

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Data-Intensive Applications

Applications like databases, Splunk, Elasticsearch, and Kafka are I/O intensive. Get better results with Diamanti.

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Diamanti launches Spektra 3.0 for hybrid cloud Kubernetes

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“Diamanti increased our application performance without code changes and allowed us to consolidate infrastructure while automating application deployment by our development team.”

Ramana Mantravadi, SVP and CTO

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