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Diamanti brings to market the first appliance purpose built for containerized applications that
combines the ease of hyperconverged infrastructure with the unparalleled performance and efficiency
of bare-metal containers. Diamanti accelerates time-to-market, guarantees real-time
service levels, and consolidates containers with 90% utilization.

Hyperconverged infrastructure

Existing hyperconverged infrastructure
was designed for hypervisors and did not
anticipate the container revolution.

Diamanti Benefits for Enterprise IT


Accelerate time-to-market
to seconds


Guarantee real-time
service levels


Consolidate containers
with 90% utilization

Resources for Container Users

NBCUniversal and Kubernetes on Diamanti Container Converged Infrastructure

NBCUniversal and Kubernetes on Diamanti Container Converged Infrastructure

Fast Track Containers to Production

Container Converged Infrastructure

Fast Track Containers to Production

CI/CD with Openshift & Diamanti Container Converged Infrastructure


"We've been able to improve the performance of our application...while
reducing the infrastructure requirements. NBCUniversal is really excited
about the future and where our infrastructure can go with Diamanti."

Derek Yovine, VP Engineering Operations


“Diamanti’s container appliance assists us to rapidly validate new features
and software updates in the context of realistic environments, ultimately
allowing MemSQL to out-innovate other distributed databases.”

Carl Sverre, Principal Architect

Spotlight Use Cases

Private Container Cloud

Self-service container infrastructure
for developers

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Container Network and Storage

Automated, converged I/O with
zero-effort integration

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Fast Data Infrastructure

Deploy fast data tier software in seconds with
guaranteed service levels

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Elastic DevOps Pipeline

Seamless DevOps experience from dev/test
to staging and production

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Simplifying container networking

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