Bare-Metal Container
Infrastructure in 15 Minutes

(What will you do with the months that you save?)

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What we do

Dev Done Fast, Ops Done Right

Containers let you develop applications fast, but try running containerized apps in production and you’ll be held back by legacy VM infrastructure and an unproven container stack. Diamanti has a better idea: An enterprise-class, bare-metal container platform with high-performance compute, plug-and-play networking, persistent storage, Docker, and Kubernetes — integrated in one simple solution with full-stack support.

Unleash Your Developers without Pissing Off IT

For the first time, Diamanti aligns developer and IT ops workflows to deliver the ease-of-use and time-to-market that both teams demand. Deploying container infrastructure is hard — Diamanti makes it easy.

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What's in It for You?

  • 15 minute container infrastructure deployment
  • 2,400,000+ IOPS
  • 100µs latency across cluster

  • Easy to buy
  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to scale

  • 50% less infrastructure
  • 70% lower capex
  • Integrates with modern workflows

  • Developer-managed infrastructure
  • Predictable performance
  • Container-granular QoS
  • No vendor lock-in


Diamanti Is Purpose-built to Solve Your Container Infrastructure Challenges
For Platform Architects

If you design IT infrastructure, Diamanti replaces networking, storage, open-source, compatibility, and other infrastructure decisions with a single solution that just works.

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For IT Operations

If you deploy and manage IT infrastructure, Diamanti lets you move as fast as your developers. Deliver predictable performance, guarantee SLAs, and get Diamanti’s full-stack support.

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For Application Owners

If you manage developers and programs, Diamanti lets you forget about IT tickets. Deploy resources without worrying about compatibility, and keep cloud computing costs in check.

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The World’s Leading Enterprises Run Diamanti

“Diamanti increased our application performance without code changes and allowed us to consolidate infrastructure while automating application deployment by our development team.”

Ramana Mantravadi, SVP and CTO
NBCUniversal Digital Products and Interactive Media

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