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Simple Install for UE in GCP
McKnight Ranks Diamanti As Number# 1 HCI Kubernetes Appliance In The Industry
Simple, Fast Deployments, Guaranteed QOS, Storage And Networking Powered By Diamanti Kubernetes Engine. Run Workloads 12x Faster With A Reduction In Cloud TCO Over 8x
Simplify deployment of stateful applications on Kubernetes
Unified K8 Management
Unified Kubernetes management platform for Hybrid and Multi-cloud
Securley run
Securely run, manage, and monitor Kubernetes applications anywhere, anytime
Cost Savings
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GigaOm recognizes Diamanti as a Leader and Outperformer for Kubernetes Data Storage
Simple Install for UE in GCP
Deploy And Scale With #1 Enterprise Kubernetes Platform
Trust Diamanti To Over Deliver with Ultima Enterprise -The #1 CNF-Certified Kubernetes Platform For Storage, Networking, And Security Powered By The Diamanti Kubernetes Engine (DKE). Deploy, Operate, And Scale Kubernetes Applications In any cloud—Azure, AWS, Google in seconds
moat powerful
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Spektra Enterprise
Ultima Accelator
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Diamanti Empowers Digital Transformation​

We make Kubernetes Easy. The Diamanti Kubernetes Platform is the only unified multi-cluster storage, networking, and orchestration platform enabling enterprise organizations to build, run, manage, secure, and monitor Kubernetes on-premises or in hybrid-multi cloud.

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Why Choose Diamanti?

Explore our revolutionary, versatile enterprise platform

By enabling data availability, data security, backup and disaster recovery for Kubernetes-based applications
running on-premises or across clouds, Diamanti has helped dozens of Global services in production.

Proven Results In Leading Enterprise Production Environments

Enterprises using Diamanti have been able to supercharge their application performance and data services, while dramatically reducing costs and the size of their data center footprint. Customers have been able to:

  • Reduce TCO for Kubernetes deployments by 70%
  • Achieve guaranteed performance with >1M IOPs per node
  • Shrink their hardware footprint by 80%
Proven Results In Leading Enterprise Production Environments

The Diamanti Difference

Real-life examples of how our customers reduced Total Cost of Ownership by using our solution to prioritize and speed up critical applications.
80% Footprint Reduction
90% Indexing Latency Reduction
50% Indexing Delay Reduction
Int’l banking group
  • Process more than 2.5 billion events per day
  • Reduce indexing delay from 60 minutes to 30 min
  • Less than 0.5 milliseconds of indexing latency
24x Faster Indexing
80% TCO Savings
1M IOPs per Node
Mass media & entertainment
  • KVM as CRD on containers, PCIe pass-through
  • Fastest data ingestion and lowest TCO for Splunk on Diamanti
  • Indexing rate of more than 1 TB per hour with just 16 indexers
3x Performance
>50% TCO Savings
1M IOPs per Node
Utility organization
  • Fastest Read-Write performance for Microsoft SQL on Diamanti
  • Reduced compute footprint by 60%
  • Reduced read-write transaction runtime by 20%
3M Writes per Second
10ms Write Latency
6M Reads per Second
Global travel software
  • Write topics at approximately 3 million writes per second
  • Very low and stable write latency of 10 milliseconds
  • Read topics at approximately 6 million reads per second
75% Latency Reduction
3x Increased IOPs
80% Footprint Reduction
Int’l banking group
  • In production supporting 6.5M end users
  • Footprint reduction: 15 to 3 servers
  • 5x increase capacity – 9 million to 45 million user records

Fastest SQL Server Performance At The Lowest TCO





Diamanti is ten times (10x) cheaper and four times (4x) faster while running Microsoft SQL server compared to Azure with Azure Ultra disks.





Diamanti is thirteen times (13x) Cheaper and six times (6x) faster while running Microsoft SQL server compared to AWS Nitro with IO2 disks.



Diamanti runs Microsoft SQL Server twenty-five times (25x) faster than other competitors with the same hardware configuration.


Diamanti was able to achieve more than 1M IOPS , while other cloud service providers saturated at 200K IOPS.