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Public Administration

Commodity and worker shortages have sparked increased costs and delivery delays. Demand has also been impacted: where public health restrictions have led to sharp declines in demand for many manufacturers, other firms, such as those that produce medical equipment, have struggled to keep up.

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Public Administration

Hybrid-Cloud Approach Amplifies Growth for the Public Administration Sector

Public Administration Services Overview

Boost Growth and Development for Public Administration with Modern IT

Technology is bringing innovative opportunities into the public sector and has the potential to improve interactions between governments and citizens through the simplification of procedures, as well as contributing to open government. The digital transformation of government means the further modernization of public administration, seamless cross-border mobility, and enhanced digital interactions.

It can enable states to evolve towards a more horizontal model of governance relying on transparency and openness of public data, as well as promoting collaboration with civil society in the design of public policies. Digitalization is a good substitute for the ongoing data management and security problems in the public administration sector. Diamanti with its best-in-class Kubernetes-based technology will help public administration.

Since its release in 2015, Kubernetes (K8s) has become a leading tool for achieving digital transformation at scale. This open-source container orchestrator is perhaps today’s most popular choice for private and public organizations seeking to unlock the benefits of the hybrid cloud.
Deploying Elasticsearch on the Diamanti platform delivers a search function for a site that can retrieve accurate items in near real-time which is essential for businesses to succeed and gain a competitive edge.
The software industry has experienced many changes over the years, and it is not possible to deny this fact. Today containers are revolutionizing the way people build, package, and deploy software.
The Diamanti & RedHat partnership continues to deliver world class HCI products for enterprises.

Boost Growth and Development with Kubernetes-Enabled Modern IT

Flexible, Reliable and Secure Platform

Public Administration institutions need flexible IT technology, which allows them to move across different platforms smoothly. Old IT infrastructures are not capable enough to allow this movement with lower latency rates. With the help of Kubernetes, the industry can access a unified management system to control multiple platforms simultaneously, which is a basic necessity for public administration organizations.

Remove Downtime and Reduce TCO

A reliable system that can manage data backup and recovery efficiently is extremely crucial for significant growth in the public administration sector. Officials need trustable technology with lower TCO and downtime rates.

Easy Accessibility with Enhanced Security

Kubernetes-backed technology protects critical assets with end-to-end, zero-trust enabling security capabilities, which are integral to a cloud-based architecture and proven to reduce complexity in enterprise security operations.

Enable Better Service Experience

Simplify the business experience for consumers by removing complex IT infrastructure for effortless development and deployment of applications. Public administration organizations need to provide a user-friendly experience to consumers.

Adapt Diamanti’s Simplified Kubernetes for a Secure Cloud-Native Platform

Simplify Deployment of Stateful Applications on Kubernetes

Diamanti seamlessly deploys applications on Kubernetes and reduces TCO for Kubernetes deployments by 70%.

Unified Kubernetes Management Platform for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Diamanti enables centralized Kubernetes management across multiple clusters and hybrid clouds. This feature enables the multi-functioning of different applications at a singular point in time. Diamanti delivers unmatched resource utilization—up to 95% across the entire cluster.

Securely run, manage and monitor Kubernetes applications anywhere and anytime

Diamanti removes the complexity and the operational and security challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters, making them easily accessible. Moreover, when the data volume tripled, the average latency only went up 13%.

Achieve the highest storage and networking performance with the lowest TCO.

With Diamanti, enterprises can now decrease capital and operational expense with improved capacity and resource optimization.


Enable Secure and Agile Operations in Public Administration

Modern Data-Driven Administration

Public Administration organizations and their leaders need the right infrastructure for secure and reliable operations. Kubernetes-enabled modern IT offers organizations a fast and flexible IT infrastructure with network storage that can support extensive mission-critical data with ease.

Increase Operational Agility and Resilience

Kubernetes helps organizations to modernize applications to align to cloud-based services and deliver high-performance, secure access to apps and data from anywhere.

Scale as Needed

The modern architecture enables enterprises to meet new digital delivery demands and maintain uninterrupted access to system data and apps with a seamlessly accessible and scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure that extends on-premises security and operations to the cloud, mobile, and edge environments.

Improve IT Performance and Outcomes

Kubernetes accelerates the organization’s IT modernization journey with the embedded benefit of faster application deployments and reduced TCO.
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