Intelligent Kubernetes Appliance

A comprehensive multi-cloud ready Kubernetes appliance complete with full K8s distribution, storage, networking security, and unmatched I/O acceleration for mission critical cloud native applications.

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Ultima Accelerator

Supercharge bare metal performance with hardware I/O offload cards

The Diamanti Ultima Accelerators enable screamingly-fast storage and networking performance for on-premises workloads at scale. By offloading storage and networking I/O traffic from the CPU, you can free compute and memory resources and enable greater than 95% host utilization for your workloads. With the Diamanti CSI and CNI, enterprises enjoy not only combined storage and networking, but guaranteed SLAs for their containerized workloads.


Through reduced CPU usage on Kubernetes nodes and better data efficiency through thin provisioning and data footprint optimizations, customers who opt for Ultima Accelerators see transformative improvements:

  • 10x to 30x performance improvements, with >1M IOPs per node and <100 ms latency
  • Enhanced QoS with PCIe-level isolation among tenants
  • 70% lower TCO for Kubernetes deployments
  • 80% smaller hardware footprint