Get Your VMs &
Containers Working

Lift and Shift legacy VMs to a modern, cloud native platform.

The Challenge

When it comes to hosting applications, containers are the future. Containers are more efficient, require fewer IT resources and are easier to manage than older, legacy infrastructures like VMs. But VMs aren’t going to just disappear. If your applications are old, missing code or simply not appropriate for containerization, you may want to keep them running inside VMs. Now you need a way of handling the extra cost and hassle of running both VMs and containers side-by-side.

Many Apps

Each data service has its own operational practices, but hiring specialists or buying support agreements for each is prohibitively expensive.

Many Environments

Containers solve the infrastructure differences between clouds and on-prem data centers for compute, but don't address the challenges of running stateful apps in different environments.

Uncontrolled Self-service

Developers want self-service, but you can't risk giving up control of corporate policies like security, data retention, backups, and more.

The Solution

Because most organizations will have both VMs and containers for the foreseeable future, Diamanti makes it possible to lift and shift applications currently running inside legacy VMs and run them inside Kubernetes containers. You get the best of both worlds:

Lower Costs, Better Performance

You get all the benefits of hosting applications in a lightweight Kubernetes container environment — lower infrastructure costs, less latency, etc. — without having to undertake a heavy-duty refactoring. Having VMs and containers coexisting on the same cluster is a more efficient use of infrastructure resources.

Simple, Unified Administration

No need to use separate tools. You now can administer both VMs and containers via a unified set of Kubernetes tools and APIs, side-by-side via a single platform. Workloads inside VMs are accessible using standard Kubernetes methods: service, route, pipelines, etc. Network policies apply to VM pods the same as application pods.

Go Cloud Native on Your Timetable

The ability to run both VMs and containers inside Kubernetes means you can manage the modernization of your IT infrastructure on your terms without disrupting existing applications. Go cloud native and refactor applications when and if it works for you.

Security and Compliance

Integrating VMs into Kubernetes gives you options for running workloads that require specific operating systems, specialized hardware, or strict compliance requirements, which might not be feasible with containers alone. This is an ideal option for multi-tenant environments and highly regulated industries.

VMs Inside Containers in Action
Watch these videos to see how Diamanti simplifies running VMs inside containers.

You Do the Math

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Managing your existing VMs and containers all on one platform delivers substantial savings.

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Hyperconverged Performance
Diamanti’s Ultima Accelerator HCI appliance gives you a complete, hyperconverged platform for VM and containers. Get a single, unified platform with complete enterprise grade storage and network services. Take advantage of I/O acceleration technologies to turbocharge stateful and stateless workloads. Deploy and manage workloads across different data centers/availability-zones. Achieve High-Availability with zero downtime.

Portability/Ending Cloud Lock In

In addition to the very substantial resource savings, applications hosted in containers are also far more portable: containerized applications can be easily moved across environments, e.g., from a data center to a cloud platform and back. This portability is a key way containers create greater levels of flexibility and agility. It also spells the end of “cloud lock in”— organizations no longer need to keep applications hosted in a cloud environment where the costs are no longer optimal.
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