Fully integrated storage & networking solution for OpenShift Platform

Diamanti gives users a virtualized storage and networking solution integrated into OpenShift. You can now use OpenShift to build private and public clouds with pluggable infrastructure, software-defined networking, and fully automated storage provisioning.
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Maximize scalability, performance, and efficiency

Enable Bare-Metal Performance

OpenShift provides a comprehensive platform for managing complex workloads on the Kubernetes container runtime. At the same time, integrating storage and network management into software used to manage OpenShift—along with vendor updates and feature requests—creates a significant challenge for enterprises. To guarantee performance for their business-critical applications, enterprises need to eliminate a problem known as “noisy neighbor” interference.

Diamanti provides unified storage and network management for OpenShift—the most trusted platform in the industry. As a result, Diamanti delivers guaranteed performance and simplified management. In addition, Diamanti offers a variety of features for containerized applications, including integrated volume snapshots, backup, synchronous mirroring, and asynchronous mirroring. These features are convenient for containerized applications.

Designed to address challenges of cloud-native enterprises

Configure advanced storage and networking for Kubernetes.

Diamanti takes the first call to deliver full-stack support for OpenShift and Diamanti. Moreover, with the purpose-built Diamanti container storage interface (CSI) and container networking interface (CNI), you can guarantee QoS for storage and networking performance, while eliminating noisy neighbor problems with data isolation.


 Diamanti provides 24/7 full-stack support for OpenShift. In addition, the purpose-built Diamanti container storage interface (CSI) and container networking interface (CNI) provide a standardized software interface for the underlying hardware, ensuring the quality of service (QoS) for storage and networking performance.

Enable bare-metal performance

Maximize performance with an integrated solution that takes full advantage of your OpenShift deployment. Accelerate application performance with Diamanti, featuring a high-performing, high-density data plane and patented I/O acceleration technology.

Maximize Scalability, Performance, And Efficiency

Diamanti enables leading organizations to manage OpenShift efficiently.

Improve the security of enterprise applications by enhancing the entire application life cycle

Gain a 360-degree view of your Kubernetes deployments

Offload your storage and network traffic to the cloud to save money on local compute resources

Enable DevOps and collaboration across departmental boundaries

Innovate faster and go to market sooner

Secure and Flexible Container Platform for the Enterprise

OpenShift Container Platform empowers enterprise IT organizations to build and deploy applications at speed with confidence. OpenShift helps enterprise IT departments choose the right tool for backend development and deployment.

Getting Past Hurdles With Your Openshift Environment

Learn how enterprises are running Kubernetes at scale, the challenges organizations face when expanding their OpenShift adoption beyond lightweight and stateless applications, and how breaking from legacy architectures can help organizations deliver transformational application performance.

Break From Legacy Architectures

The Diamanti® D20 RH for Red Hat® OpenShift® enables enterprises to build and deploy containerized applications to maximize performance, scalability, and operational efficiency.

Diamanti Ultima Data Plane For Openshift Demo

The powerful combination of Diamanti and Red Hat OpenShift offers the performance, simplicity, security features and availability that enterprises need to run high-performance stateful applications in production.

Use Diamanti to deploy OpenShift cluster on Kubernetes

Cloud-Native Architecture

Bare-metal Performance. Cloud-native Simplicity

Diamanti Kubernetes Platform makes I/O intensive applications like video storage and analytics up to 30X faster without needing to rebuild your applications or change your architecture. You save time and money.

Cloud-Native Architecture

The Agile Container Platform

Get a rock-solid container platform with one consistent management, monitoring and support experience across two breadth and depth of technologies, OpenShift and Diamanti.

Cloud-Native Architecture

Diamanti Brings Cloud-native Simplicity To Kubernetes

The only unique, cloud-native platform built specifically for Kubernetes. The Diamanti Platform utilizes container technology to co-locate your data, in a secure but off-loaded cluster adjacent to your production applications and services.

White Paper

Eliminate High Public Cloud Costs with Diamanti

Eliminate High Public Cloud Costs with Diamanti

If your AWS bill is giving you heartburn on a monthly basis, it’s time to take a closer look at what’s driving those costs. For many enterprises who have a hybrid cloud strategy, the answer may be moving those workloads to Diamanti.

This white paper outlines some of the reasons your cloud bills can skyrocket and how Diamanti can relieve you from those costs with our unique architecture.

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Collaborating to help you manage your Kubernetes-based applications more effectively

Diamanti, creator of one of the most popular data management platforms for Kubernetes, announced a partnership with GroundWork, a leading open source monitoring vendor. The partnership will combine Diamanti’s expertise in monitoring Kubernetes with GroundWork’s machine learning and AI capabilities to bring more predictive capabilities to enterprises.

Diamanti Acquires GroundWork Open Source to Enable Kubernetes Monitoring and AI-Driven Predictive Analytics

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