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Great Opportunity for Partners

With cloud containers soaring in popularity, there’s never been a better time to tap into the red hot market for enterprise grade, Kubernetes solutions.

And right now, when you register a pre-qualified deal on any Diamanti solution—Ultima Enterprise, Ultima Accelerator HCI appliance, Spektra and GroundWork Monitoring—you’ll earn a $250 Visa card.

Kubernetes Made Easy with Diamanti

It’s that easy. Diamanti’s sales team will take it from there—working with your client to close the deal. Regardless of what happens, if it’s a qualified deal you receive the $250 Visa card. Plus – as an authorized Lenovo reseller, any sales you process through your reseller program are automatically registered, making you instantly eligible for your $250 Visa card.

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Products Eligible for Deal Registration

Ultima Enterprise

Spektra Enterprise

Ultima Accelerator

Groundwork Monitor

Kubernetes Cloud Platform:

Our Ultima Enterprise cloud platform delivers compute, storage, networking and a K8s distribution—everything that’s needed to deploy and manage Kubernetes at enterprise scale in any environment: cloud, on-premises, virtualized, bare metal.

Kubernetes HCI Appliance:

For unmatched performance in a data center, you can’t beat Diamanti’s Ultima Accelerator Kubernetes HCI appliance. Loaded on a certified server, it uses built-in, I/O offload technology to deliver hyperconverged performance for the most demanding Kubernetes workloads. Watch as your customers see as much as 70% in TCO savings.

Multi-cluster Management

Give your customers the tools they need to rapidly adopt, expand and manage Kubernetes on-premises and in the cloud. Benefit from built-in security, high availability, and resilience. Rely on a single pane of glass to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters. Deploy applications and replicate data across clusters. Let Diamanti simplify Day 2 operations, so your customers can focus on their applications and not on infrastructure complexity.

Kubernetes-IT Monitoring

Make it easy for your customers to get complete visibility into their entire IT environment with Diamanti’s GroundWork Monitoring. No hunting around across different point solutions. Very simply, if it’s attached to a network—physical devices, virtualized data centers, public clouds, containerized apps—GroundWork can monitor it and bring the data (and the analysis of that data) altogether in a single pane of glass.

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We want to make it as easy as possible for you to bring us qualified leads and earn $250:
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Receive your $250 gift card
Once the sale is made, Diamanti’s certified experts will take charge of the deployment. Customers can be up and running in minutes.
It’s an unbeatable opportunity for you and your customers. And you’ve earned an extra $250. Let’s get started.
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