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Re-shape the Future of Educational Services with K8s

Diamanti offers adaptable IT solutions paired with flexible pricing structure for the educational institutions. Increase agility and flexibility in the educational operations with Kubernetes.

Education Services Overview

Develop the Best Support System for Different Educational Platforms

The educational services sector is on the cusp of transformation. It is crucial to understand the intensity of the ongoing digital transformation. The lack of digital solutions for modern-day issues can hinder the growth of the educational sector Digital transformation has compelled education institutions to include contactless attendance, social distance control systems, automation, and efficiency. Numerous learning experience platforms have emerged, and institutions are under tremendous pressure to adapt and support the students and educators within the system. Moreover, lower downtime and reduction in TCO cannot be provided by the old IT infrastructures.
The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the landscape of education. Since2020, institutions and EdTech companies have rushed to keep up with the sudden need for distanced and hybrid learning options as government restrictions have left schools closed and students in lockdown.
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You may think smaller, more nimble organizations are on the cutting edge of technology testing and implementation.
A recent 451 Research Voice of the Enterprise (VotE): DevOps study shows that primary benefits driving the usage of cloud-native technologies include efficiency of IT operation.

Meet the Unique Requirements of Educational Institutions

Flexibility in IT infrastructures

Educational institutions need flexible IT technology, which allows them to move across different platforms smoothly. Old IT infrastructures are not capable enough to allow this movement with lower latency rates.

Reduce TCO and remove downtime

A reliable system that can manage data backup and recovery efficiently is extremely crucial for significant growth in the educational services sector. Students need trustable technology with lower TCO and downtime rates.

Support for distance learning

Distance learning or online learning through different platforms is the new norm. Therefore, educational institutions require a hyper-converged infrastructure, which enables them to store student records effortlessly.

Effortless accessibility across platforms

There are millions of student records that need to be stored and accessed daily and more than thousands of clusters need to function efficiently for accessing these records across different platforms.

Diamanti’s Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Accelerates Growth

Simplify deployment of the stateful applications on Kubernetes

Deploy stateful applications effortlessly through Kubernetes, which provides a single comprehensive platform for application development and deployment. Diamanti delivers unmatched resource utilization—up to 95% across the entire cluster.

Unified Kubernetes management platform for hybrid & multi-cloud

The centralized Kubernetes management is available across multiple clusters and hybrid clouds for managing the failover stateless and stateful applications—at times pushing as many as 1,000,000 IOPS (4K), which is 5x more than the nearest competitor.

Securely run and monitor Kubernetes applications anywhere and anytime

Diamanti removes the complexity and the operational and security challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters, making them easily accessible. Moreover, when the data volume was tripled, the average latency only went up 13%.

Achieve the highest storage and networking performance with the lowest TCO

Educational sectors require efficiency and a low total cost of ownership and Diamanti deploys applications on Kubernetes and reduces TCO for Kubernetes deployments by 70%.


Utilize the cloud-native benefits provided by the Kubernetes platform


With Kubernetes, get access to hybrid-multi cloud features for different platforms along with managing thousands of databases efficiently.

Multi-cluster management

Kubernetes allows educational institutions to access and work on multiple clusters with instant data availability for the entire infrastructure and cloud services.

Smart orchestration systems

The Kubernetes platform unifies cluster management across any number of clusters and clouds, making it easy to operate across different educational platforms.

Incredibly flexible infrastructure

Diamanti delivers flexible IT solutions according to the necessities of the educational services sector.
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Ultima Accelerator

Explore Diamanti ultimate accelerator

Diamanti, a pioneer in intelligence storage and networking for Kubernetes offers an ultima accelerator. The Diamanti ultimate accelerator enables screamingly fast storage and networking performance for on-premises workloads at scale customers who opt for Ultimate accelerators see transformative improvements and provide 10 to 30 times performance.

Get started With Kubernetes On Diamanti Today

The complexity of multi-cloud container management gets in the way of your business. That’s why we created Diamanti. Get started with Kubernetes on Diamanti today and see what Kubernetes can do, unconstrained by managing it yourself.