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Intelligent Storage + Guaranteed I/O Performance for K8s Workloads

Get the full power of Kubernetes in your air-gapped data center with the Ultima Accelerator HCI Kubernetes appliance.




Get the latest release of Ultima Accelerator — simpler upgrades, streamlined pod management with full support for Kubernetes 1.28.

Lenovo Ultima Accelerator With Spektra

#1 Enterprise Hyperconverged Infrastructure For Kubernetes

Ultima Accelerator, Diamanti’s purpose-built Kubernetes HCI appliance delivers best-in-class bare-metal performance for your stateful and stateless workloads. Get Kubernetes up and running in just 15 minutes and achieve as much as 70% cost savings versus competing platforms.

Ultima Accelerator Overview

Diamanti Ultima Accelerator is a turn-key Kubernetes HCI appliance built on I/O offload technology to turbocharge your stateful and stateless workloads through its QoS capabilities and deterministic performance. It is an easy to manage solution and delivers enterprise grade storage and network services that enable deployment and management of clusters across different data-centers/availability-zones to achieve High-Availability with zero downtime. 

What's New

With the latest release of Ultima Accelerator, Diamanti continues to deliver new capabilities that build on its best-in-class storage and networking features. Here’s what’s new:

Upgrade support from OCP 4.11

Customers can now upgrade their OSE 3.4.0 clusters running OCP 4.11 distribution to OSE 3.5.0 version with OCP 4.12 distribution


Software Control-plane Node

The software control plane node is a software/VM node in the hybrid Ultima Accelerator cluster to meet Etcd HA requirements when deploying in environments with an even number of availability-zones.


ReadWriteMany Volumes Support

RWX (ReadWriteMany) volumes—volumes that can be mounted in a Read/Write fashion into a number of pods simultaneously—are now supported. RWX volumes are particularly useful for web and app servers that serve the same files (i.e., shared database) as well as continuous integration (CI) systems such as Jenkins, which can use a shared volume for artifact storage rather than unnecessarily duplicating data and impacting CI performance.



Fire-drill is now supported as part of Diamanti Accelerator’s disaster recovery (DR) capabilities. A fire-drill is a zero-downtime DR test that mimics the failover behavior of stateful applications across different sites. With a single-click in Diamanti Spektra, a user can create a new instance of the application on another Kubernetes cluster and verify the state of the data on the DR site. During the fire-drill, the original application remains untouched and continues to function with no downtime.


Route metric for multi-endpoint PODs

Diamanti Accelerator now supports per-subnet, default-route-metric configuration when using multiple-endpoints for an application. This is especially useful for ingress controllers where external traffic could be ingressing on one endpoint while getting routed into the cluster on another endpoint. Users now have control over which interface inside a pod gets used for the default route.



Diamanti’s network, storage and management features now work seamlessly with KubeVirt, providing a common, shared environment where developers deploy applications residing in both application containers as well as VMs. VM failovers are also handled seamlessly.


16TB Drive Support

Per node total raw storage available to applications has been doubled to 64TB with this release, enabling support for 16TB NVMe drives.


Online Volume Resize

Users can now expand the PVC size of their volumes while read-write operations are ongoing and without any application downtime.


CRI-o Container Runtime

CRI-o, which is an OCI-compliant container runtime, is now the default container runtime. Docker-built images will continue to run as before.


OCP-4.12 (K8s 1.25)

This release adds support for OCP 4.12 release, which comes with Kubernetes 1.25. Please refer to its release notes for additional information.


RHEL 8.6 and Rocky 8.6

Rocky 8.6 is the default OS distribution with this release. Customers looking for RHEL distribution have the choice of opting for RHEL 8.6 as well.

Benefits/Performance of Ultima Accelerator

Extreme Performance

Gain a 10x to 30x performance improvement on I/O-intensive applications while getting sub-100 microsecond latency and 1 million IOPS per node.


TCO Savings

80%+ TCO savings by maximizing host utilization, improving overall efficiency and reducing server footprint driving.


Scalable Architecture

Industry-standard Intel x86 architecture easily scales on demand


Enterprise-grade, cloud-native storage

Storage services designed for a cloud native world including mirroring, snapshots, asynchronous replication and backup and recovery


Built-in security

Protect your applications with volume encryption, self-encrypting drives (SEDs) and policy-driven isolation


Efficient networking

Seamlessly integrate with your existing data center network. Containers appear on network with uniquely addressable MACs and IPs


Turnkey AI/ML capabilities

Manage AI/ML workloads with support for NVIDIA Tesla GPUs


Flexible options

Multiple hardware configuration options to meet your specific application requirements


VMs and Containers Now Work Together

Support for kubevirt enables Diamanti Accelerator to integrate directly with VMware. Now you have a common, shared environment to build, modify, and deploy applications whether they are residing in containers or VMs. Support hybrid cloud interactions. Streamline data center migration. Handle VM failover seamlessly.

Put Kubernetes to Work in Minutes

With Diamanti’s HCI Kubernetes appliance, you have everything you need to get an enterprise-class container solution up and running in just 15 minutes. Compute, storage, networking, a CNF-certified Kubernetes distribution, a management console and more are all fully loaded and ready to go.

Zero Disruption

Outages are a fact of life. Seamless recovery should be too. Diamanti Accelerator takes high availability to a new level with zero disruption failover across availability zones.

No Matter How You Measure It—Diamanti Comes Out on Top

Features: GigaOm declared Diamanti a leader and outperformer

Performance: In head-to-head tests running SQL Server, Diamanti was more than 4X faster than AWS or Azure.

ROI: Ultima Accelerator delivers 5-year Total Cost of Ownership savings of 42-85% compared to public clouds. And an 80% smaller hardware footprint than legacy infrastructures.

I/O and Latency: In benchmark tests Diamanti Accelerator demonstrated near zero I/O wait times while also showcasing low and consistent (<100 microsecond) latency, even when running high workloads.

Storage Optimized for Containers Delivers 70% Savings

Rely on granular controls and intelligent provisioning to maximize storage value—Diamanti can deliver savings of as much as 70% compared to public cloud platforms.

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