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Make the Move to Kubernetes and Drive Down Costs

Unfortunately, when it comes to cost control, not all Kubernetes platforms are alike. In fact, when you start deploying Kubernetes at scale it becomes very easy to overspend on cloud services or data center resources — to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars — especially when it comes to storage- and CPU-intensive workloads such as databases.

Diamanti Unified TCO Savings Calculator 
To get a handle on the costs of your K8s implementation (on-premises or Public Cloud), take advantage of our TCO calculator. All you have to do is input some basic data and you’ll get an instant read on the savings that Diamanti can deliver.

How Diamanti Delivers Savings

Diamanti’s products deliver a complete CNCF-certified Kubernetes solution with enterprise grade features for multi-cluster management, security, replication, disaster recovery, application migration and much more. Having all of that included in a single platform puts you way ahead of the game when it comes to managing your operating expenses.
But Diamanti goes even further, delivering:
By requiring fewer CPU cores — up to 50% fewer — you save on databases, hypervisors, and management software.
ESTIMATED SAVINGS: An average of $400,000 per deployment.
Hardware acceleration cards on Diamanti’s Ultima Accelerator appliance come with advanced processors that accelerate the I/O path (without using the CPU) requiring fewer servers, network ports and support systems (HVAC, electricity, management) for a solution that not only costs less, but it’s also better for the environment.
ESTIMATED SAVINGS: An average of $150,000 per deployment.
Kubernetes optimized storage and networking capabilities reduce the need for provisioned IOPS, additional storage (EBS, ABS, Google Cloud Storage, etc.), and multi-zone replication.
ESTIMATED SAVINGS: 5-year Total Cost of Ownership savings of 42-85% compared to using the Kubernetes capabilities of a public cloud.
As much as 20% of an application budget goes toward managing configurations and software updates. Diamanti’s Spektra Enterprise solution for multi-cluster management—included with all our Kubernetes platforms—gives you a single, highly automated tool for managing performance, data protection, network, and security policies…the ultimate in simplicity.
ESTIMATED SAVINGS: An average of 50% of management and administrative costs per deployment.

Next Steps

Once you have used our cloud calculator, learn more about how Diamanti delivers real cost savings on enterprise-scale Kubernetes deployments by talking to one of our Kubernetes experts.