Diamanti Acquires GroundWork Open Source to Enable Kubernetes Monitoring and AI-Driven Predictive Analytics

EINPresswire.com/ — Diamanti, the company that streamlines Kubernetes applications and data management for global enterprises, is acquiring GroundWork Open Source, a powerful IT monitoring software product for physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructures. With GroundWork’s technology, Diamanti will vastly enhance the artificial intelligence-driven predictive analytics it can unlock with Kubernetes, enabling finance, tech, travel, and utilities companies, among others, to greatly scale monitoring of data in real-time with relatively minimal costs.

Kubernetes allows companies to access operational metric data to predict what’s going to happen next — but to predict with Kubernetes, companies first need monitoring, which captures and stores the information that allows for prediction. With GroundWork’s monitoring capabilities and Diamanti’s industry-leading Kubernetes lifecycle management platform, Diamanti will move into AI, joining an elite tier of cloud companies that are transforming businesses’ ability to process vast amounts of data in real-time.

“Diamanti is building the most comprehensive technology stack for Kubernetes, spanning storage, security, networking, orchestration, and now K8 monitoring,” said Diamanti CEO Chris Hickey. “With GroundWork at its side, Diamanti will save on expenses, gain valuable monitoring expertise, and offer much faster performance.”

Kubernetes monitoring with an application performance monitoring solution gives organizations visibility into application and business performance, including deeper insights into containerized applications, Kubernetes clusters, Docker containers, and underlying infrastructure metrics. Enhanced by Groundwork’s monitoring abilities, Diamanti will make a difference for businesses and customers who depend on real-time predictive analytics for use cases such as energy conservation in natural disasters or widespread commercial applications like booking a flight.

Consider the use case of a travel site trying to find a flight for a customer. The site has to call the API of JetBlue or American to scan their inventory; in a nanosecond, the site can lose that potential booking for its customer to someone else. So the travel site maintains a data team that specializes in predictive analytics to prevent such losses and determine what seats are going to be available. The process seems simple but requires immense compute resources. It is this process that Diamanti will now optimize, enhancing processing power while saving costs due to its industry-leading ability to process 1 million I/Os and monitor vast repositories of data.

“Nobody else has the ability to perform the kind of monitoring GroundWork and Diamanti combined will be able to unleash with Kubernetes,” Hickey said. “Without the data, you can’t predict, and if you can’t predict, you’re not really doing AI at scale — so you’re missing all the positive business and consumer outcomes that vaunted term entails.”

For GroundWork, the acquisition represents the culmination of years positioning itself as the world’s most powerful IT monitoring company.

“We’re delighted to join Diamanti, which will allow our IT monitoring capabilities to realize their full potential for digital transformation by enhancing predictive analytics for the world’s leading companies,” said Richard Campbell, GroundWork Open Source CEO.

The independent analyst firm GigaOm has called Diamanti a “leader” and “outperformer” in Kubernetes data storage. GigaOm noted that Diamanti boasts “an excellent set of enterprise-grade features” that make it “ideal for larger organizations seeking robust data protection mechanisms.” McKnight Consulting Group, in its own independent analysis, has judged Diamanti to be more than four times faster than AWS and Azure’s Kubernetes Service at the TPC-H scale factor of 100 and 32 concurrent users.

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