In the past couple of years, enterprises have seen unprecedented challenges as they faced unexpected economic and business fluctuations. These drastic fluctuations are forcing enterprises to adjust their operations and technologies to remain viable and competitive. The intersection that can help enterprises overcome these challenges is analytics that provides insights to leaders, enabling them to make informed decisions that impact the bottom line. As a result, enterprises must rely on business analytics applications and infrastructure management vendors to provide the most advanced solutions to swiftly adjust business-critical applications in response to economic changes.

To this end, Diamanti has commissioned the Kinney Group, an independent data consulting firm, to benchmark Splunk on Diamanti against AWS EKS. The study aimed to shed light on key business areas to empower CTO’s, DevOps Managers, and IT Security professionals with the right information in selecting a solution for their organizations. Read the executive summary to learn why enterprise customers have turned to Diamanti for recommendations on using the most modern Kubernetes platforms to run Splunk applications.

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