How Diamanti and GE Vernova Help Energy Companies Deploy Smart Grid Solutions

GE Vernova—an independent energy company spun off from GE—has taken a leadership position in helping energy companies take advantage of smart grid solutions implemented using modern digital infrastructures.  

To achieve that goal, GE Vernova has introduced its cloud native Grid Orchestration Software—GridOS—which is being implemented by utilities, such as Florida Power & Light, on Diamanti Kubernetes platforms. 

You  can learn more about GridOS here and also see it in action in this video 

GridOS enables utilities to quickly implement new applications that address critical challenges such as integrating highly variable wind and solar power sources, improving energy management in homes and businesses and better anticipating the impact of severe weather events.   

Instead of getting locked into traditional programming and hosting approaches, GridOS utilizes Kubernetes containers making it an ideal application for implementation on a Diamanti platform such as Diamanti Ultima Accelerator, a turn-key Kubernetes appliance for NERC-CIP environments 

Built on Diamanti’s proven Kubernetes-native architecture, utilities can rapidly deploy, maintain, and scale GridOS dynamically based on demand. 

Also, by eliminating expensive licensing (e.g. VMware, Oracle and other proprietary solutions) and  reducing infrastructure, Diamanti has a proven track record of delivering sustained ROI year over year. This example shows Diamanti delivering savings of 39% when transitioning from VMware to our on-premises Ultima Accelerator solution.    

And Diamanti provides a full range of services for installation, migration, upgrades, performance tuning and other Day-2 operations.   

Learn more here and also in this video 

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