Diamanti Announces Support for Red Hat OpenShift 4.5

We’re pleased to announce our next release of Diamanti D20 RH, a bare metal purpose-built appliance for Red Hat OpenShift powered by Diamanti’s industry-leading cloud-native data plane solution and I/O-optimized storage and networking architecture to accelerate the return on OpenShift investments. Diamanti D20 RH frees enterprises from managing infrastructure problems to focus on building and deploying containerized applications on Red Hat OpenShift 4.5. Our turnkey approach breaks from legacy architectures to deliver transformational application performance, scalability, and operational efficiency for Red Hat OpenShift.

Organizations are rapidly adopting cloud-native technology in order to meet customer expectations and speed the pace of innovation. But existing legacy infrastructure is not equipped to meet the storage and networking demands of containers, leading to significant overprovisioning of resources, lowering application performance and increasing costs.

Extending Simplicity for Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Enterprises are under pressure to modernize applications but are often held up by the challenges of implementing and scaling the infrastructure it runs on. Red Hat OpenShift is a leader in container development platforms but is not immune to these challenges—especially for organizations that are operating on-premises.

The Diamanti D20 RH is modern hyperconverged infrastructure that pre-integrates OpenShift with second generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors (Cascade Lake), NVMe storage and RAM options and Diamanti’s patented data plane solution.

Diamanti D20 RH’s new deployment architecture allows enterprises to hit the ground with OpenShift clusters.

Figure 1: Cluster Configuration for OCP 4.5


With Diamanti, enterprises can accelerate time-to-market and get faster returns on their investment with an integrated, turnkey approach purpose-built for OpenShift. Storage and networking stacks are built-in, removing the need to individually test and integrate several components. Enterprises can rapidly meet changing business requirements with a highly scalable plug-and-play model and focus on the applications.

Improving the Performance of Business Critical Applications

As enterprises expand their OpenShift adoption beyond lightweight and stateless applications, they soon run into challenges with traditional infrastructure that is designed to scale up instead of scale out. Enterprises can have trouble operating modern, data-intensive and business critical applications that have more demanding requirements for performance and availability.

Diamanti D20 RH is packaged with Diamanti Ultima acceleration cards, a pair of second generation PCIe based I/O acceleration cards that offload networking and storage traffic, freeing compute resources to power modern applications and deliver dramatically improved performance. This enables enterprises to run and manage high performance applications such as databases, messaging and other big data applications with confidence on Red Hat OpenShift. In addition to maximizing resource utilization, Diamanti Ultima also guarantees quality of service (QoS) for its applications with deterministic low latency, expanding the set of applications that can be supported on OpenShift.

To ensure seamless customer experience, enterprises need to ensure that their applications and data are highly available in the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost. Diamanti’s portfolio of data protection (DP) and disaster recovery (DR) features provides synchronous mirroring, snapshots, backup and restore, disaster recovery, built-in high availability, and application mobility across clusters that give users the flexibility of deploying highly available Kubernetes stateful applications.

Get Started with Diamanti D20 RH

The powerful combination of Diamanti and Red Hat OpenShift offers the performance, simplicity, security features and availability that enterprises need to run high-performance stateful applications in production. Diamanti’s full-stack solution with accelerated data plane and patented I/O technology truly empowers enterprises to focus on developing cloud-native applications and respond faster to their business demands.

To learn more about Diamanti D20 RH, join us for a live webinar on October 27 and listen to our Red Hat X Podcast.

In the next edition, we will double click on Diamanti D20 RH’s storage features that offer data protection, backup and restore, disaster recovery, inbuilt high availability, and application mobility across clusters.

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