Diamanti brings to market the first purpose built bare metal container platform
for moving your applications from development to production. Diamanti accelerates
time-to-market, guarantees real-time service levels, and consolidates containers
with 90% utilization

How it Works

Diamanti Container Converged Platform

Diamanti extends the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure for a containerized
world with lightning fast installation, simple management, and bare-metal container
network and storage resources integrated with Docker and Kubernetes.

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  • Developer-defined quality-of-service policies in Kubernetes for network and storage.
  • Policies follow containers from development to production and enforce service levels.
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  • Unparalleled Docker network and storage performance.
  • Virtualized network and storage without a hypervisor removes cost and overhead.
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  • Automated control of Docker isolation boundaries delivers repeatable compute, network, and storage segmentation.
  • Enforced container isolation eliminates noisy neighbors, delivering predictable performance.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Purpose-Built for Containers


Bare-metal Docker Containers with guaranteed performance

Virtualized Container Network and Storage Without a Hypervisor

Seamless integration with Docker and Kubernetes

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Up and Running in 15 Minutes

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Deploy Containers in 10 Seconds with Guaranteed Service Levels

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"Diamanti brings their expertise in networking and storage to make it
easy to deploy, manage, and scale enterprise applications and meet
the business’ performance requirements."

David Aronchick, Senior Product Manager, Kubernetes


“Diamanti delivers operational automation for isolating networks and storage
volumes, workload prioritization with guaranteed performance, and rapid
simulation of MemSQL storage and networking scenarios.”

Carl Sverre, Principal Architect at MemSQL

Try Diamanti Container Converged Platform

See for yourself how Diamanti can change the way you deploy Docker containers to achieve fast time to market, guaranteed service levels, and 75% lower cost. Contact us for a live demonstration or a hands-on experience.