Why we joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Datawise.io (now Diamanti) is proud to be part of the CNCF, as announced today by the Linux Foundation. Simply put, our goal is to help make application deployment with containers as ubiquitous as virtual machines are today. This does not necessarily mean replacing VMs. Working with VM images, networking VMs, and optimizing storage for VM-based applications are part of our everyday lives and supported by a rich, open ecosystem. Developers and IT operators deserve mainstream, predictable tools and processes to achieve desired application behavior using containers.

The CNCF has a vital role to play in defining standard interfaces within the cloud-native application stack and the infrastructure ecosystem around it. Many perspectives exist within the vendor community on the best way to network containers and deliver storage resources. We have the makings of a competitive ecosystem – just like in the traditional IT industry. Standard interfaces have enabled rapid adoption of new solutions in that world and will accelerate the cloud-native world as well.

Datawise.io (now Diamanti) will continue developing open-source, vendor-agnostic interfaces for networking and storage. We will work with the CNCF membership and Technical Oversight Committee to incorporate the best of many perspectives so that users have choice in how cloud-native applications are deployed. One size does not fit all.

We’re off to an exciting start with our Kubernetes scheduler extension and volume extension. Please send us your feedback on the cloud-native network and storage capabilities you wish were available – whether you’re using Cloud Foundry, Docker, Rocket, Mesos, or something else. Join the conversation!