What’s New in Ultima Enterprise (3.7.2)

Diamanti is announcing significant new capabilities for Ultima Enterprise—our purpose-built Kubernetes software platform delivering persistent storage in any cloud, anywhere, anytime. 

Ultima Enterprise delivers a complete, high-performance platform—including a Kubernetes distribution and advanced storage and networking services—for deploying, operating, and scaling Kubernetes applications in production anywhere in seconds. 

Here’s what’s new in Ultima Enterprise 3.7.2–you can also watch this video for more details: 

  • Transition from VMs: With Ultima Enterprise you can now run virtual machines (VMs) inside Kubernetes. Migrate your legacy VMs from different hypervisors to Diamanti. 
  • User Interface: Ultima Enterprise can be managed through its UI, simplifying access to different Kubernetes resources, administrative tools, resource usage, different stats and metrics. 
  • Provisioning: Take advantage of static and dynamic provisioning of volumes for stateful applications and ensure their high availability through Diamanti’s advanced data services, such as mirroring, DR, snapshots and cloning.” 
  • Online Volume Resizing: Increase the size of PVCs while the application is using it—eliminating the need to pre-provision larger volumes at the onset. 
  • Ephemeral Volumes: The Container Storage Interface (CSI) now supports generic ephemeral volumes, making it easier to store (and delete) short-lived application data. 
  • Pod-to-pod networking: Simplify networking through the Diamanti Container Network Interface (CNI), including support for namespace-based traffic isolation. 
  • High availability: Via synchronous mirroring across nodes within the cluster—even if the nodes are in different cloud availability zones. 
  • Asynchronous replication: From one Ultima Enterprise cluster to another across hybrid cloud deployments. 

With the new release of Ultima Enterprise, as well as our Ultimate Accelerator Kubernetes appliance, Spektra management and GroundWork IT monitoring solutions, we’ve added a range of new features suggested by customers. It’s because of this effort—completed on-time and on-budget—that Diamanti continues to lead the way with the industry’s most robust platforms for Kubernetes.  

You can get more details on these new capabilities in our video on Ultima Enterprise 3.7.2