What’s New in Ultima Enterprise 3.7.2

Ultima Enterprise, Diamanti’s Kubernetes-native, software-defined storage and networking solution, is designed to simplify deploying and managing cloud-native applications.

With Ultima Enterprise, organizations across all vertical markets can now run their stateful and stateless containerized workloads and achieve high availability, without compromising on performance, while also achieving lower TCO.

Ultima Enterprise comes with advanced storage and networking services for applications running in containers or in VMs. It includes unmodified upstream Kubernetes to avoid vendor lock-in and adds Diamanti’s storage and network plugins to provide an end-to-end solution that is easy to deploy, manage and update.

With each release, Diamanti adds new capabilities to simplify and streamline the user experience and enhance Ultima Enterprise’s already outstanding ROI. In the latest release, Ultima Enterprise 3.7.2, Diamanti continues this tradition with expanded support for deploying Ultima Enterprise in virtual and bare metal environments and also taking advantage of lower cost AWS instances utilizing EBS-backed drives.

Here’s additional information—or to see Ultima Enterprise in action, watch this video:

Deployments in Virtual and Bare Metal Environments

Looking for a single Kubernetes platform your organization can use to host applications in both public cloud and private cloud (on-premises) deployments? Diamanti addresses that very requirement with Ultima Enterprise.

With the latest release (3.7.2), Ultima Enterprise delivers full capabilities for using Kubernetes across public clouds (both AWS and Google Cloud Platform) as well as private clouds, using either virtualized or bare metal infrastructures.

The new support for virtualized and bare metal instances delivers the flexibility of having just one platform for managing all your deployments as well as the ability to easily port applications to the environment that makes the most sense—completely eliminating any vendor lock-in.

Support for EBS Volumes

Ultima Enterprise has long supported provisioning persistent volumes on AWS instances which supported 4xNVMe drives.

With Release 3.7.2 of Ultima Enterprise, we have broadened this support to add instances that support EBS volumes with the NVMe interface.  This makes it possible to run Ultima Enterprise on a broader range of lower cost AWS instances with persistent volumes being provisioned from EBS backed drives.

To see Ultima Enterprise in action, including its latest capabilities, watch this video.