What’s New in Release 3.9.1 of Spektra Multi-cluster Management

Spektra is a complete fleet management platform for deploying and managing Kubernetes on- premises and in the cloud. It provides a single pane of glass for managing multiple clusters, controlling application life cycle and simplifying a wide range of Day 2 operations. With release 3.9.1 of Spektra, we have added new capabilities for expanded cluster management, analyzing feature metrics, security and an improved user interface.

To see these new features in action, watch this video:

Expanded Application Catalog
Spektra’s application catalog feature helps users manage application templates and configurations in a centralized catalog (domain cluster) and enables these to be deployed to a set of the fleet clusters.

Spektra has extended the applications supported in its curated Helm repository to include Elasticsearch, Kafka, MSSQL and Splunk applications.

With this release, users can also link their own Helm repository to Spektra and Spektra will automatically discover the application templates and display these in the Spektra UI.

Historical Metrics
Spektra 3.9.1 improves reliability of historical data during fleet cluster disconnects. The target clusters can store CPU, memory, I/O bandwidth usage and other critical statistics for up to two hours and reconcile with the domain once the connection is re-established. The data is accessible through APIs and Thanos queries.

Impersonation for Cluster Attachment
Kubernetes impersonation simplifies adding clusters to Spektra tenants. Users can avoid enabling OIDC on the target clusters and instead create a Spektra service account on the cluster and use the associated kubeconfig to attach the cluster to the domain cluster.

Spektra UI Now in Both Light and Dark Modes
When it comes to a user interface, some people prefer light modes while for others, the best option is dark mode. With release 3.9.1, Spektra now supports both. You can switch from the traditional dark mode to a light mode and back via an onscreen toggle button.