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What We Do

Diamanti brings to market the first appliance purpose built for containerized applications that combines the ease of hyperconverged infrastructure with the unparalleled performance and efficiency of bare-metal Docker containers. Diamanti accelerates time-to-market, guarantees real-time service levels, and consolidates containers with 90% utilization.

Docker Container Challenges for Enterprise IT

While containers enable faster application development cycles, IT operations is slowed
by today’s virtualized model with multiple layers of infrastructure, rigid complexity, and
high costs. IT operations requires a robust, proactive approach for containers that aligns
development velocity, operational service levels, and budgets.

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Lengthy custom design due to lack of enterprise-compatible Docker networking and persistent storage.

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Unpredictable Docker service levels due to lack of policy enforcement across compute, network, and Storage

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Costly over-provisioning due to lack of Docker container isolation across network and storage.

Diamanti Benefits for Enterprise IT

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Accelerate time-to-market
to seconds

Automated network and storage deployment and scaling integrated with Docker and Kubernetes using open-source APIs for seamless deployment without lock-in

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Guarantee real-time
service levels

Virtualized bare-metal network interfaces and storage volumes without software overlays or hypervisors, providing Docker container isolation and performance guarantees

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Consolidate containers
with 90% utilization

Connect containers to existing data center networks with Docker and Kubernetes, consolidating without degraded performance

Diamanti Container Converged Infrastructure


How it Works

Diamanti Container Converged Infrastructure

Diamanti extends the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure for a containerized
world with lightning fast installation, simple management, and bare-metal container
network and storage resources integrated with Docker and Kubernetes.

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  • Developer-defined quality-of-service policies in Kubernetes for network and storage.
  • Policies follow containers from development to production and enforce service levels.
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  • Unparalleled Docker network and storage performance.
  • Virtualized network and storage without a hypervisor removes cost and overhead.
User groups


  • Automated control of Docker isolation boundaries delivers repeatable compute, network, and storage segmentation.
  • Enforced container isolation eliminates noisy neighbors, delivering predictable performance.

Seamless DevOps with Kubernetes

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Bring Out the Best in Modern, Data-Intensive Applications

Resources for Container Users

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Simplifying container networking

Simplifying container networking


“Diamanti brings an innovative converged infrastructure platform to
DC/OS users, and both companies share a vision of making it easier
for Fortune 500 enterprises to build modern applications.”

Matt Trifiro, Chief Marketing Officer, Mesosphere


“Diamanti’s network and storage contributions to the community give
users further choice in how they deploy performance applications at scale.
We look forward to continued collaboration with Diamanti to drive industry
adoption of containers.”

Ashesh Badani, VP and General Manager, Red Hat