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Containers let you develop applications fast—but try running containerized apps in production and you’ll be held back by legacy VM infrastructure and an unproven container stack. This means slower time to market, rising costs, and growing frustration between developers and IT operations.

How do you gain the agility and performance of containers now, not six months from now? View this fast-track 20-minute video and get container infrastructure best practices from the experts:

  • Henry Baltazar, Research Vice President at 451 Research, will examine the key drivers of container adoption, insights for accelerating application resource provisioning, and how to make containers as resilient as VMs.
  • Jeff Chou, CEO and Co-Founder of Diamanti, will show how to deploy bare-metal container infrastructure with fully integrated Docker and Kubernetes in 15 minutes — including real-world case studies from Global 1000 organizations.



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