Cut Your VM-to-Container Costs

Discover how Diamanti Streamlines application modernization.
Hosting your applications using containers instead of VMs delivers real benefits. Containers are more efficient, require fewer IT resources, are easier to manage — the savings in cloud costs are substantial.

But refactoring or migrating applications to go from VMs to containers is
time-consuming and expensive. So, Diamanti has a better way: keep your
applications inside VMs but migrate them to run on a Kubernetes platform.

Compared to VMs, containers make far more effecient use of resources.
Instead of waiting weeks or months to refactor VM workloads, by relying on Diamanti you can start realizing significant infrastructure and operational savings in just days.
Learn more about savings.
Watch the video to learn more about how much you can cut your AWS or Google cloud costs by switching from VMs to containers. Watch now!

Set Up a No-Obligation Consult

Launch your container strategy. A free 30-minute consult with one of our Certified Kubernetes Engineers is a great way to get your container strategy started right. In just a half hour you’ll see why so many organizations have turned to Diamanti to speed, simplify and lower the costs of their transition to containers.
Sign up today and we’ll also include $100 of training on the Udemy platform — it’s loaded with courses on containers, Kubernetes and lots of other IT topics. And you can also take advantage of a FREE download of our Spektra multi-cluster management program for Kubernetes.

Start a No-risk Test Drive

Try a no-risk 60-day test drive of our Ultima Accelerator HCI appliance on a Dell or Lenovo server. Discover all the benefits, including how easy Diamanti makes it to migrate VMs to containers. And for just trying, you get a gift card worth $100 of training on Udemy.
If you’re not completely satisfied, you can end your trial at any time with no obligation. But the $100 work of Udemy training is all yours.
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