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Turn-key Kubernetes solution featuring container- optimized storage layer with integrated data services, advanced CNI, and CSI plugins, to provide a highly scalable, high-performance solution at the lowest TCO

Ultima Enterprise

Turn-Key Kubernetes Solution

Diamanti’s Kubernetes distribution for on-prem and cloud environments integrated with Diamanti’s CSI, CNI, user management, monitoring and easy-button upgrades and patch management

Diamanti Storage Plugin

Diamanti’s advanced storage plugin for Kubernetes with support for mirroring, intelligent plex placement, snapshots and cross-cluster DR.

Diamanti Network Plugin

Diamanti’s advanced network plugin for Kubernetes with overlay and non-overlay networking and supporting dynamic and static IP-address management

Ultima Enterprise is a feature rich Kubernetes platform that integrates Diamanti’s advanced storage and network plugins with ease-of-management features to deliver a turn-key solution that can be deployed on-prem and cloud environments

Ultima Enterprise Features

Product-Update-1.21 (4)
Multi Cloud Support

Deploy Ultima Enterprise on-prem or the cloud through a single pane of management without cloud-provider lock-in

Advanced Data Services

Deploy mirrors across availability-zones within a cluster for your stateful applications and implement DR strategies across public and private clouds

Simplified User Management

Integrate existing LDAP/AD user authentication with user-configurable RBAC policies

Product-Update-1.21 (1)

Easy-button upgrades that feature a single package to upgrade Kubernetes, control-plane services and any security patches without disrupting your services

Product-Update-1.21 (2)
Air gapped Environment

Deploy air-gapped clusters in secure environments for your mission-critical workloads

Product-Update-1.21 (3)
24/7 Enterprise Support

Get end-to-end support with additional services options to smoothen your transition to cloud native services.

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We make Kubernetes Easy. Easy-button install that helps provision a Kubernetes cluster in just a few clicks, hiding the complexity and yet delivering storage and networking features that power mission critical workloads in hybrid cloud environments

Hit the ground running with Diamanti Ultima Enterprise

We make Kubernetes Easy. The Diamanti Kubernetes Platform is the only unified multi-cluster storage, networking, and orchestration platform enabling enterprise organizations to build, run, manage, secure, and monitor Kubernetes on-premises or in hybrid-multi cloud.
Turn-key, enterprise grade Kubernetes solution
Simplify deployment of stateful applications on Kubernetes
24/7 support backed with experienced Certified Kubernetes Admins
Achieve highest storage and networking performance with the lowest TCO