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If you’re using Kubernetes to run mission critical workloads requiring provisioned IOPs in the public cloud, you’ve probably seen your costs go out of control very quickly. That’s when you need Diamanti. Diamanti Ultima Enterprise delivers a complete CNCF-certified Kubernetes solution.

Now you have everything you need to build and manage clusters with enterprise grade features—like replication, disaster recovery and application migration running at scale across multi-cluster, multi-cloud environments—without letting your cloud costs go out of control. But don’t take our word for it—see for yourself. Right now, Diamanti is offering a free 30-day trial of our Diamanti Ultima Enterprise software.

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Supported platforms

Run it on AWS or Google. Our Kubernetes certified experts will deploy it for you for free Discover first-hand how Diamanti keeps cloud costs under control.

Ultima Enterprise Features

Turnkey Kubernetes Solution

Diamanti Ultima Enterprise is a turnkey Kubernetes solution that comes packaged with a CNCF certified distribution, Diamanti CSI for storage services, Diamanti CNI for networking, security, cluster management and unmatched I/O performance for your on-prem or cloud deployments

Kubernetes Optimized Storage

Ultima’s Kubernetes-optimized storage boosts performance and ensuring that data remains available during any life-cycle activity (i.e., upgrades, patches, cluster deactivation) a prerequisite for stateful applications).

Integrated Networking

The management of networking ports, overlays and bandwidth in Kubernetes can lead to interoperability challenges, making it difficult to monitor and secure network traffic. Diamanti streamlines configuration through its unique plug-and-play Container Networking Interface that integrates directly with any network infrastructure

Centralized Multi-Cluster Management

Ultima Enterprise delivers everything you need to run all your Kubernetes clusters with a common workflow on the most appropriate infrastructure (VMs, bare-metal, on-premises or cloud).

On-Demand Capacity Management

Storage capacity can be instantly allocated in response to demand (e.g., unexpected business surges) and/or to make intelligent use of the most cost-effective environment, such as shifting I/O intensive applications from the cloud back on-premises.

Application Migration

Seamlessly locate and relocate applications as needed across cloud and on-premises environments for deployment, expansion, migration and failover.