Ultima Accelerator v3.4

Diamanti announces release of Ultima Accelerator v3.4
Diamanti is delighted to announce the release of Ultima Accelerator v3.4. Apart
from several new features, the new release has several security updates and rollup
fixes. Ultima Accelerator v3.4 will improve performance, security, and will
provide more control and predictability of performance.
Diamanti’s Ultima Accelerator gives platform architects, IT operations, and
application owners the performance and enterprise-class features they need to run
stateful applications at scale. With open-source Docker and Kubernetes fully
integrated, together with purpose-built hardware and complete support for the
entire stack, the Diamanti’s Ultima Accelerator is a proven Kubernetes platform
that deploys in minutes.

Enhanced HA Cluster Services
Platform Engineers can enable HA Clusters without a dependency on a 3rd
availability zone. This will aid in reducing cost, complexity and in improving
operational efficiency while delivering on high availability SLAs to the business.
Enhanced HA enables a simplified deployment model, reducing costs, complexity
and improving a Platform Engineers operational efficiency, while ensuring
“always available” control plane cluster services by Diamanti optimized cluster

Support for K8s 1.21
Platform Engineers and Security Engineers can ensure Ultima Accelerator supports
the latest open source K8s distribution to mitigate security risks found and fixed in
CVEs, improves performance and scalability, and introduces graceful application
shutdown to reduce impact to critical LOB applications. Ultima Accelerator takes a
leap from K8s 1.19 to a stable widely adopted version of K8s 1.21 to take
advantage of improved security, performance, scalability and stay in lock step with
our customer Kubernetes developer needs.