The Easy “Try and Buy” Program for Kubernetes

Try our Ultima Accelerator HCI Appliance on Lenovo Server

Yes, you read that correctly. Sign up for a 60-day trial of our Ultima Accelerator HCI appliance — the only enterprise-grade Kubernetes solution with full K8s distribution, multi-cluster management, storage, DR, networking, and security all in a single, integrated platform—we’ll provide it fully loaded as a 3-node Kubernetes solution on 3 Lenovo-certified servers.

If you’re not completely happy after 60 days, we’ll take the server and the Ultima software back. But the $100 of free training on the Udemy platform is all yours.
Think of it. Once you are approved for this trial, you will have a complete, 3-node Kubernetes appliance at your disposal. It’s all ready to go–just turn it on and get started. What could be easier? Plus you get $100 of free training on Udemy, a 30-minute consult with a Certified Kubernetes Engineer and 10 days of remote deployment support.
What are you waiting for? Fill out the form and let’s get started!

What’s included in this limited time offer?

Sign up now for our 60-day Try and Buy Program. Qualified participants will receive:

The Perfect Bundle

Now is the time to move to Kubernetes and Diamanti is setting you up with the perfect pairing: 3 Lenovo servers preloaded with everything you need to containerize your applications.
Ultima Accelerator

Performance is the Difference

Diamanti designed our Ultima Accelerator HCI appliance to handle the most demanding workloads with ease:

  • Up to 30x performance improvements for I/O-intensive workloads
  • Greater than 1M IOPs per node and < 300 microseconds latency
  • Enhanced QoS with PCIe-level isolation among tenants
  • 80% smaller hardware footprint and 70% lower TCO for K8s deployments
High Availability & Disaster recovery

Protect Your Containers

Diamanti Ultima Accelerator comes fully equipped with backup and security including:

  • Mirroring, snapshots, asynchronous replication and more
  • Volume encryption, self-encrypting drives (SEDs), policy-driven isolation and role-based user access control
  •  Seamless integration with your existing data center network—see your containers appear on the network with uniquely addressable MACs and IPs
Spektra Enterprise

Multi-Cloud Management.Anytime. Anywhere.

Cloud-native multi-cluster management platform for simple, repeatable, scalable Kubernetes deployments delivering lower costs and higher performance:
  • Manage stateless and stateful applications across clusters through a single pane of glass
  • Scale Kubernetes on-premises and in the cloud with security, high availability, and resiliency
  • Migrate applications and data across hybrid, multi-cloud environments
  • Extend your storage services, like replication and DR, across clusters in multi-cloud deployments

How You Benefit

Take advantage of our 60-day Try and Buy program to discover all the ways you can benefit.

Start Your 60-Day Trial

Results-driven Performance

1,000,000 IOPS per 1U

Under 300 microseconds latency

Industry-leading application level transactions per second

Intel® Xeon® CPUs: 12, 24, 36 or 48 cores per node

Lower TCO and Guaranteed QoS

70% lower TCO

100% host utilization

95% usable storage capacity

No hypervisor needed

Guaranteed QoS with no overprovisioning

Enterprise-Class Support

Full-stack support

Production-grade SLAs

Secure multi-tenant isolation

Advanced DR/DP

On-premises availability zones and hybrid cloud support

Plug-and-Play Networking

Leverages networking that integrates directly with existing network infrastructure

Each container is automatically allocated an IP address and can reside on any subnet

Plug and play at L2 networking allows for an easy transition from VMs

Fast NVMe Persistent Storage

Low-latency NVMe block storage

Less than 300 microseconds read/write latency

Diamanti extends NVMe across the cluster using standard 10 GB Ethernet, offering data mobility without compromise

Seamless Scalability

Scaleble Kubernetes infrastructure

Multi-cloud capabilities Appliances that deliver 1,000,000+ IOPS per 1U node

Under 300 microseconds latency