The Second Big Bang

Remember the emergence of x86 virtualization and the ensuing application development revolution a decade ago? The cycle of disruption is starting again today. Containers are the next great application platform and will usher in another wave of innovations in applications and infrastructure – the second big bang. Like hypervisors before it, containers face challenges around operational simplicity, networking, and storage that can make or break your business.

Today, I am very excited to announce that we’re exiting stealth with the industry’s first appliance purpose-built to fast track Linux containers to production. After 18 months of development, open-source collaboration, and beta deployments, we are proving our leadership in addressing key requirements for mainstream container adoption.

Containers hold great promise for application agility and portability. To realize their full potential, containerized applications must be easy to define, quick to deploy, and deliver the application responsiveness needed for success at scale. They need to integrate seamlessly into existing data center environments and networks. Their agility must be supported with high-performance storage services that are simple to operate.

As with virtualization before it, containers can work with legacy infrastructure, but a new approach is required to realize their full benefits. We are accelerating the container revolution by rethinking I/O and converging network and storage for containers. We are building joint solutions with the open source community and leading technology partners to give you choice and simplicity in making your container visions into reality.

In the coming weeks and months, we want to meet you and show how we can make you successful with containers in production. Diamanti will be exhibiting at OpenStack Summit in Austin, Texas and will be speaking at a meetup near you shortly. In the meantime, email us or sign-up on the web to learn more about how we can make containers work for you.

Jeff Chou