The Next Generation of Software Delivery is Here

Today, we proudly introduce Diamanti Central, a simple, easy-to-use portal for customers to access and try Diamanti Ultima™ and Diamanti Spektra™ without upfront investment. Through the portal, you can request a free 21-day product trial and access curated reference architectures, documentation and customer support to accelerate your hybrid cloud Kubernetes journey. 

Enterprises need to adapt quickly to changing market needs in the digital era, and they need to have the flexibility to deliver  products and services efficiently to customers wherever they may be. That includes leveraging both on-premises and public cloud services and having the freedom to move data and applications between all available infrastructure.

With the 21-day free trial, you can now experience the simplest and most efficient way to manage Kubernetes applications and data across a hybrid cloud with Diamanti Ultima and Spektra. Spektra is a multi-cluster, multi-cloud management plane that enables enterprises to rapidly adopt and expand Kubernetes on-premises and in the cloud, with security, high availability, and resilience built-in. Ultima is the only data plane software with integrated networking and storage that delivers cloud native data services that extend across on-premises and cloud-based environments, supporting any Kubernetes cluster distribution.

Diamanti Central HomeFigure 1: Diamanti Central 

With the free trial, you can experience the performance of our award-winning products and these following features: 

  • Create a project in Diamanti Spektra
  • Deploy, model, and monitor an application and its performance 
  • Create additional Kubernetes clusters in your own cloud environment and manage them via Spektra
  • Migrate and failover stateful applications between on-premises and cloud clusters while maintaining persistent data 
  • Explore a library of curated applications to deploy to any of the managed clusters 

The digital future is here with Diamanti Central. You are only a few clicks away from accelerating your digital transformation agenda. We invite you to visit to request your 21-day trial today.