Diamanti Spektra

Cut Through Kubernetes Complexity and Save.

Managing multiple Kubernetes clusters shouldn’t be hard or expensive. Count on Diamanti to make it easy AND free.

Right now, we’re making Spektra — Diamanti’s easy, intuitive platform for multi-cluster management — available for free.
See what it’s like to have a single-pane-of-glass platform for managing application lifecycles, network and storage services, portability across environments — and pay nothing.

Now you have a complete solution for running your workloads where it makes sense for you — and easily move them as your needs and costs change. That means no more cloud lock-in.

And right now, when you fill out the form, you automatically become eligible for a free 30-minute consult with a Certified Kubernetes Engineer.

Simplifying Kubernetes Management

Diamanti’s focus has always been on taking the complexity out of using Kubernetes. Along with our Ultima Enterprise and Ultima Accelerator Kubernetes platforms, our Spektra solution for Kubernetes management is another step towards simplifying hybrid, multi-cloud Kubernetes.

A Unified Single Pane of Glass

Download Spektra and get everything you need to manage the lifecycle of multiple clusters, stateless and stateful applications and data mobility of your workloads on the most appropriate infrastructure: VMs, bare-metal, on-premises, or cloud.
Start enjoying the lower costs and higher performance that are only possible when you have a management platform that’s designed for Kubernetes and, literally, checks off all the boxes:

Get all of that today with your FREE version of Spektra — plus a 30-minute Kubernetes Consult

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