Diamanti Spektra 2.4 is Purpose-Built for Today’s Applications

Head to the website of an online retailer and browse the product offerings. That web application relays static information from a database: product descriptions and prices, for example. In the world of containerized applications, that type of app is considered “stateless.” As soon as you add a product to your shopping cart or you switch to browsing on your mobile phone, the product information must now be carried through an additional state. Now, the app is “stateful”.

The advent of containers and tools like Kubernetes used to manage them allowed developers to progress from simple stateless apps to more complex, stateful apps. These modern applications are distributed and architected around microservices. They need to be secure, resilient, and performant no matter the data workload they process.

Diamanti is a leading provider of infrastructure, purpose-built to handle both stateless and stateful applications. Today, Diamanti further extends our platform by enhancing its security, availability, and scalability to bring production-ready enterprise applications to Kubernetes.

Diamanti SpektraTM 2.4 includes the following new features to help keep your apps running smoothly:

Diamanti D20X:

The Diamanti D20X comes with the latest Intel Xeon Scalable Processors (Cascade Lake) with increased core counts, expanded cache and higher clock frequencies, Diamanti D20X delivers modern hyperconverged infrastructure with an average of 36% greater computing power.

Diamanti G20:

The Diamanti G20 series is purpose-built to support artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) use cases with maximum utilization and return on investment (ROI). The G20 series consists of multiple configurations for model training and inference to cater to the varying AI/ML use cases.


Figure 1: Easy to Manage and Monitor GPU Infrastructure


Diamanti Ultima:

Built on patented I/O acceleration technology, Diamanti Ultima is the second generation of PCIe acceleration cards that offer 10x to 30x greater application performance at low latency. Diamanti Ultima cards integrate with ultra-fast NVMe disk subsystems and implement quality of service (QoS) policies to deliver one million IOPS and less than 100 microseconds of latency. Diamanti Ultima leverages SR-IOV to accelerate networking and provides complete traffic isolation between tenants.

Encrypted Volumes and Self-Encrypting Drives (SED):

Diamanti Spektra 2.4 offers additional protection for data-in-transit and data-at-rest with AES 256-bit volume encryption and Self-Encrypting Drives (SED). With these capabilities, enterprise customers can prevent data theft and protect against security breaches while not incurring significant performance penalties.


Figure 2: Enabling Encrypted Volumes


Figure 3: Self-Encrypting Drive Configuration


Multi-Cluster Asynchronous Replication:

Diamanti Spektra 2.4 adds multi-cluster asynchronous replication to Diamanti’s portfolio of data protection (DP) and disaster recovery (DR) features, which currently consists of synchronous mirroring, snapshots, backup and recovery. With multi-cluster asynchronous replication, enterprise customers can perform disaster recovery across geographically distant locations.


Figure 4: Multi-Cluster Asynchronous Replication


High Availability and Instant Failover:

Diamanti Spektra 2.4 brings additional flexibility for deploying highly available Kubernetes applications. In case of a failure, the Diamanti control plane can fail over instantaneously from one location to another with zero disruption. Kubernetes applications can seamlessly access storage volumes across multiple data centers regardless of the underlying data center networking design.

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Cloud native applications today demand new infrastructure that is re-engineered from the ground up specifically to support high volumes of data input and output while remaining resilient, performant, and secure. Built with Kubernetes, this infrastructure must maximize the available processing power while leveraging advancements in storage and networking to provide a more performant foundation for these modern applications. With the release of Diamanti Spektra 2.4, Diamanti continues to raise the bar for Kubernetes platforms for any company operating containerized applications in demanding environments.

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