Build and scale your SaaS application with Kubernetes

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Software as a service

Our Kubernetes-native orchestration platform makes it easy to develop and manage your SaaS application.

Kubernetes powered by Diamanti gives you an orchestration platform for automation and scaling data services for SaaS applications. When you run Kubernetes with Diamanti, it is easy to optimize both compute and IT resources while facilitating automated operations, data mobility, backup and disaster recovery, and data security.

Scale data services with a single command

Diamanti makes it easy to scale data services instantly when your SaaS application is under load. Moreover, you can easily provision multiple data services using a variety of containers with different I/O performance requirements and access patterns. Kubernetes on Diamanti provides end-to-end scalability and reliability – from cloud to on-premises data center.

Proven results in leading enterprise production environments

Enterprises using Diamanti have been able to supercharge their application performance and data services, while dramatically reducing both costs and the size of their data center footprint. Customers have been able to: 

  • Reduce TCO for Kubernetes deployments by 70% 
  • Achieve guaranteed performance with >1M IOPs per node
  • Shrink their hardware footprint by 80%