Powerful tools for backup and restoration of your Kubernetes applications

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Kubernetes backup

Automate backup and recovery with a Kubernetes-native solution that is simple, lightning fast, and enterprise-grade.

Kubernetes backup requires tools that are designed to handle your container-based applications. Our cloud native data protection provides automatic backup and restoration of all your stateful Kubernetes applications. Automated, multi-cloud protection facilitates fast and comprehensive recovery of your mission-critical objects, data, and applications.

Protecting data and configurations

Diamanti’s Kubernetes backup tools go beyond data protection. We make it easy for you to back-up configuration data so that your applications can be restored without having to reconstruct objects or rebuild applications.
Kubernetes backup needs to be robust enough to protect against everything from accidental data loss to infrastructure failure. Our platform provides you with complete application protection and coordinated application recovery that includes restoring data, resources, and configuration components.

Run Diamanti with the most popular data services.

Backup built for Kubernetes

Leading organizations use Diamanti for Kubernetes backup. With Diamanti, enterprises can gain:

  • Automated Kubernetes backup for applications and data, across a complex hybrid cloud environment
  • 100% fault tolerance
  • 5x the level of data production
  • Global unification of Kubernetes operations and application policies, across both public cloud and on-premises infrastructure