Easily run your data-intensive applications on Kubernetes

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Containers as a Service

Manage multiple apps and infrastructure deployments from one turnkey, Kubernetes-based CaaS environment.

Containers as a Service (CaaS) platforms provide the infrastructure layer that your developers need for container orchestration. But in architecturing a CaaS platform,  developers run into all the standard challenges: networking, load balancing, monitoring, logging, authentication, security, autoscaling, and continuous integration, and delivery.

Run every stateful application on the same CaaS platform

Diamanti Ultima provides a unified data plane for your CaaS platform — providing container-native storage and data management infrastructure in order to support and deploy enterprise-scale applications. Diamanti enables persistent storage, automated operations, data mobility, backup and disaster recovery, and data security. Moreover, built-in bring your own key (BYOK) encryption and role-based user access controls protect mission-critical data and sensitive apps running in different environments. 

Diamanti works with every major Kubernetes platform. 

Supporting the most common data service providers, Diamanti ensures your architecture and partner ecosystem has the full support of a purpose-built solution that is secure, reliable, and highly available.

Proven results for container-native infrastructure

Enterprises using Diamanti have been able to supercharge their application performance and data services, while dramatically reducing both costs and the size of their data center footprint. Customers have been able to: 

  • Reduce TCO for Kubernetes deployments by 70% 
  • Achieve guaranteed performance with >1M IOPs per node
  • Shrink their hardware footprint by 80%