Telecom Companies Stay Online 24/7 With Diamanti

With Diamanti, telecommunication companies can maintain the near 24/7 uptime they need to satisfy their customers without breaking their backs. Our easy-to-use integrated user interface creates a seamless transition to Kubernetes.
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A fast, straightforward way to move
Telecom workloads into containers

Telecom companies are adopting containers and cloud-native application development to deliver more flexible services to customers, and accelerate the 5G core. Deploying Kubernetes, however, is not always a smooth process. Organizations encounter management complexity, fragmented tools for storage and networking, manual techniques, data loss, downtime, and runaway costs.

The infrastructure requirements of 5G mobile broadband networks are large-scale, complex, dynamic, and highly distributed. Radio towers and networks are deployed and operated by the company's IT department to manage software applications across the access, aggregate, and core data centers. In addition, operators need the flexibility to relocate services to improve latency, reduce costs of operations, and optimize network performance.

Diamanti provides telecom organizations with the full support they need to run every workload on Kubernetes—from managing networking and storage to providing backup, disaster recovery, and more. Diamanti is a complete cloud-native software stack that helps IT and DevOps teams automate application life cycles, get the most out of containers, and supercharge their deployment schedules.

Diamanti's Kubernetes platform seamlessly manages communications traffic for both enterprises and service providers, enabling telecom companies to overcome data management and network optimization challenges. Diamanti, a purpose-built solution, supports the full range of standard data services providers and provides your architecture with a simple, reliable, and highly available support structure.

Containerize Your Stateful Applications

Gigaom, the global technology media company, announced that Diamanti is a leader and outperformer in Gigaom Radar's "Kubernetes Data Storage" report. The report focuses on the emerging category of storage for Kubernetes, an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

Diamanti is a leader and outperformer in Gigaom Radar’s report.

The 451 Research Voice of the Enterprise (VotE:DevOps) study is an independent study conducted by 451 Research, which offers a comprehensive view of how enterprises are using DevOps practices. The study finds that 71% of enterprises are using cloud-native technologies and practices, which includes the use of containers, microservices, and DevOps automation.

The cloud-native future is here. Are you ready?

Diamanti delivers a radically simpler and more cost-effective platform for enterprise applications on bare-metal cloud infrastructure. Diamanti drastically increases efficiency and reduces costs by removing much of the specialized hardware and software required for traditional, virtualized clouds.

Powering the next generation of enterprise cloud applications.

A modern, secure, and user-friendly
platform for running containers efficiently

With our complete support for multi-cluster container management, integrated storage, and networking, Diamanti provides a single platform for full support of any Kubernetes-based application. Diamanti offers IT teams a complete cloud-native software stack and management platform for containers and Kubernetes.
Diamanti Upgrades Products for Enterprise Software and Services

Diamanti Upgrades Products for Enterprise Software and Services

Diamanti customized its products for ten use cases in particular: Containers as a Service, Database as a Service, Software as a Service, Disaster Recovery, Kubernetes Backup, CI/CD, Big Data and AI/ML, Burst to Cloud, Analytics, 5G telecom, Hybrid Cloud, and Multi-Cluster Management.

Telecom companies rely on proven results
from our solutions

Diamanti provides cloud-based, centralized management that helps you achieve your goals in
the following ways:


Logging in once for access to multiple servers and services

Cluster profiles can be configured to ensure that the same configurations are applied across all of your clusters

Simplify application management at scale by managing your tools, APIs, and app storefront in one place

Cluster monitoring automated operations such as patching and troubleshooting all done with a single click

Reduce data center footprint and TCO by nearly 70%, while maintaining 1 million IOPS per node.

Diamanti makes it easy to deploy 5G core

Dedicated project support will ensure your project is completed on time and within budget

See how our clients have transformed their operations with
Diamanti Kubernetes Platform

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Intesa Sanpaolo selected Diamanti to build, deploy and manage containerized enterprise workloads. The bank is using Diamanti to drive its IT modernization as part of its business transformation efforts. Intesa Sanpaolo’s mission-critical applications, including the mobile banking platform, were migrated to the cloud via container orchestration in under two months in a production-ready infrastructure supporting more than 10 critical applications.

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The complexity of multi-cloud container management gets in the way of your business. That’s why we created Diamanti. Get started with Kubernetes on Diamanti today and see what Kubernetes can do, unconstrained by managing it yourself.