A Fully Integrated Platform For Tanzu And Diamanti

Enjoy guaranteed performance and simplified management of your Tanzu storage system with a storage and networking solution that optimizes processing power and reliability, backed by supercharged Diamanti storage and networking.

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Modern and powerful tool for building application
delivery solutions


Diamanti’s platform seamlessly integrates Tanzu to provide enhanced services for both applications and infrastructure. It can help automate and manage container-based applications. It wraps up the infrastructure optimization process and allows IT teams to build, run, and maintain a hybrid infrastructure easily. Diamanti helps organizations accelerate growth by better integrating their business functions with Tanzu.

A fully integrated platform For Tanzu and Diamanti offers an advanced management platform for complex Kubernetes workloads.

High-performance storage and networking for every container-based need

Managing storage and networking tools that surround Tanzu — including vendor updates and feature requests — poses a critical challenge for enterprises. Enterprises need guaranteed performance for their business-critical applications, while eliminating noisy neighbor problems. Diamanti is an all-in-one platform that addresses all these challenges.

Diamanti provides unified, end-to-end support for managing Tanzu with supercharged Diamanti storage and networking. Enjoy guaranteed performance and simplified management, on the most trusted platform in the industry.

Supercharge Kubernetes storage and networking

Diamanti takes the first call to deliver full-stack support for Tanzu and Diamanti. Moreover, with the Diamanti CNI and CSI, you can define your SLAs for predictable storage and networking performance, while eliminating noisy neighbor problems with data isolation.

Up to 30X faster performance for demanding applications

Our solution can handle 1 million I/O operations per node and has less than 100 milliseconds of latency

Reduce compute by offloading storage and network traffic

You’ll reduce the total cost of ownership by 70%

You can shrink the footprint of your hardware by 80%

Supercharge Tanzu for enterprise cloud

Simplify your Tanzu journey with the most trusted platform in the industry and enjoy guaranteed performance, simplified management and security for your Tanzu data services. Diamanti consolidates storage, networking, and compute on bare metal in a hyper-converged container platform for your Tanzu journey.

Drive Innovation With Tanzu On Diamanti

With Diamanti for Kubernetes on VMware Cloud, develop and deploy containerized applications. Scale services and capacity on demand to deliver new applications faster than ever with this Kubernetes-optimized solution.

One-click Deployment And Scalable Delivery

VMware Tanzu and Diamanti deliver a fully integrated, portable container management solution. Tanzu on Diamanti offers one-click deployment and scalable delivery of containerized applications, while also delivering industry-leading security.

Get More With Tanzu On Diamanti

Deploy and manage business-critical apps consistently across clouds or modernize your apps with Kubernetes. Tanzu on Diamanti combines the industry-leading enterprise capabilities of Tanzu with best-in-class cloud native infrastructure to deliver an integrated solution that is powerful, flexible, and easy to use.

Diamanti helps you get the most out of your cloud-native architecture

Choosing The Right Kubernetes Infrastructure

As your organization moves from virtualization to a containerized environment, you will need an infrastructure that addresses Kubernetes’ unique needs. You should also carefully assess whether you will buy or build your infrastructure to support Kubernetes.

Industry Analyst Report Names Diamanti

GigaOm published a new report on the rapidly maturing Kubernetes storage market, recognizing Diamanti’s end-to-end solution for combining high resilience, performance, and simplicity of use with very good enterprise-grade features.

Accelerate Your Cloud Native Database With Diamanti

Diamanti provides a powerful alternative to old school database environments. It is more powerful and agile, making it better suited for high pressure environments. With Diamanti, you get more power and more agility with ease.

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Five Reasons to Deploy Containers on Bare Metal, Not VMs

Over the past 15 years, server virtualization has become the preferred method of application deployment in the enterprise datacenter. Popular hypervisors, such as VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V, are ubiquitous. Large cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform have followed a similar path. The most common unit of consumption for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a virtual machine (VM).

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Diamanti streamlines Kubernetes deployments and data management for global enterprises.

Diamanti’s three main products—Ultima Accelerator, Ultima Enterprise, and Spektra Enterprise—are now customized for ten use cases in particular: Containers as a Service, Database as a Service, Software as a Service, Disaster Recovery, Kubernetes Backup, CI/CD, Big Data and AI/ML, Burst to Cloud, Analytics, 5G telecom, Hybrid Cloud, and Multi-Cluster Management.

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Get started today with Tanzu on Diamanti

Tanzu on Diamanti platform, is an integrated solution that combines the best of VMware Tanzu and Diamanti to radically simplify running containerized apps on Kubernetes with maximum performance and efficiency.