Accelerate the Return
on Your OpenShift Investment

Break from legacy architectures to deliver greater returns running Red Hat OpenShift 4 on Diamanti D20 RH

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Diamanti D20 RH for Red Hat OpenShift

Accelerate the return on your OpenShift investment with a turnkey approach that breaks from legacy architectures to deliver transformational application performance. Diamanti’s full-stack solution with an accelerated data plane and patented I/O technology frees enterprises from managing infrastructure problems to focus on cloud-native applications instead.

Diamanti D20 RH Benefits

Key Benefits

Accelerate Time-to-Value

Seamless integration of Diamanti and OpenShift offers unprecedented simplicity and agility for standing up and scaling a complete solution for Red Hat OpenShift. Eliminate infrastructure complexity to focus on application modernization.


Fully integrated data plane includes storage and networking solutions that simplify scaling, boost security, and improve resilience. Ensure a highly available and secure, enterprise-grade solution with advanced data services built-in.

Turbocharge Performance

With sub-100 microsecond latency and 1 million IOPS per node, organizations can scale farther and faster without compromising application responsiveness.

Diamanti D20 RH for Red Hat OpenShift

Key Features & Benefits


Get a complete enterprise-grade solution with integrated storage layer and CSI plugins, networking solutions, and Ultima offload technology on choice of x86 hardware.

Container Aware Data Plane

Purpose-built and patented block storage architecture provides containerized applications with easily consumable persistent volumes.

Advanced Data Services

Protect your OpenShift applications and environment with built-in snapshots, mirroring, multi-cluster asynchronous replication, backup and restore.

I/O Acceleration

Dramatically improve performance with Diamanti’s patented I/O acceleration technology and high-performance NVMe storage.

Full Stack Security

Secure your data with volume encryption and hardware-based self-encrypting drives (SED) on supported hardware

Full Stack Support

Get seamless, one-stop support on OpenShift and Diamanti D20 RH from fully trained and certified support teams with escalation paths to Red Hat.

Fast NVMe-Based Persistent Storage

Diamanti meets the storage needs of your stateful applications with low-latency NVMe block storage, delivering sub-100µs read/write latency.

Per Container Quality-of-Service (QoS)

Guarantee real-time storage performance levels for application containers and fine-tune each level by specifying limits.

Multi-Zone Clustering

Enhance fault tolerance and application high availability by distributing your OpenShift environment across multiple availability zones.

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